Rushant tops the week with forty at Phoenix


Travellers Rest Golf Group

We are pleased to report our long term friend and reporter Barry Hooper continues to make good progress following his serious car accident some months ago.  He is sorely missed by all his friends in Pattaya and we all wish him a full recovery.

Our apologies to members for the delay in reporting the results on a regular basis, however we are looking to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Our trip to Royal Hills and Lotus Valley during the Songkran week was a great success.  Both courses were in excellent condition and the group would recommend both resorts are well worth a visit.

Jeff Boylan and Brendan Moore were both on Thursday’s podium at Phoenix. Jeff Boylan and Brendan Moore were both on Thursday’s podium at Phoenix.

Before listing our reports for the week a point worth highlighting is TRGG continues to use CONGU as the preferred handicapping method.  Our members have used this system for some years and the feedback to date is very favourable.

Monday, April 23, The Emerald – Stableford

Always good value for money here and the weather was great with no hold up in play.  We had one division today with 20 players and the first five places were in the prizes.

It was nice to see the return of the Aussies back on the podium with three of the first five taking the money (welcome to CONGU boys!)  No seriously, no issues today as the course was not easy with a little bit of wind and greens recovering in part after being hollow tined/sanded.

1st Jeff Boylan (24) 38pts

2nd David Booth (13) 34pts

3rd Larry Simpson (11) 33pts

4th Jim Cleaver (12) 33pts

5th Roger Wilkinson (15) 32pts

Tuesday, April 24, Khao Kheow A & B – Stableford

The issue today was slow play and this was not from the TRGG members but the golfers in front which were not managed by the marshalls.  As the weather is getting extremely hot it is not pleasant to have in excess of a 5 or 5½ hour round.

Nice to see David Booth back in the prizes as it must be at least all of two outings where he has not featured.  David, we all want to know what the secret is as it certainly works for you.  However the winner of the day was Min Moore with 37 points and playing off a handicap of 20. Min was followed by Jim McNeil 34 points (h/c16) & David Booth 31 points (h/c13).

Hopefully the next visit will see an improvement by the marshalls in getting to grips with the movement of players on the course.

Thursday, April 26, Phoenix – Stableford

We were pleased to welcome back Ted Senior from Australia and can confidently expect him to be in the prizes very shortly.  Also there was a warm welcome return to form for Fergus Brennan who has battled the golfing demons recently.  As you know Fergus runs the golf at TRGG and the words “I can’t hit a ball” have been a recent feature of his dialogue to the group.

A warm welcome also to our long time member Alun Evans who has returned from Wales – the sheep will feel a lot safer in Wales this week but the same can’t be said for the caddies at Phoenix.  Nice to have you back!

1st Mike Rushant (12) 40pts

2nd Jeff Boylan (21) 36pts

3rd Alun Webber (20) 36pts

4th Brendan Moore (12) 36pts

5th Fergus Brennan (10) 34pts

6th Ted Senior (12) 34pts

Mike was suffering a sprained ankle and we all know the saying beware the injured golfer

Most of the group volunteered to make it a more substantial injury next time.

Again we had more issues with slow play as some of our members were reporting nearly 6 hour rounds.  Our first group out today were held up on all 18 holes and they were a 3-ball off the ladies tee following a two-ball?

Saturday, April 28, Crystal Bay – Stableford

The group wished a happy birthday to Fergus Brennan on his 70th and allowed him to ring the bell.  Winners today were Rod Ewan (11) in first with 38 points on count back over Bob Watson (1), with Peter Roberts (15) third with 37 and Billy Alan (14) taking fourth on 35.

There were no hold ups in play today and all the groups finished early.

Note:  The TRGG play out of the Bowling Green and Fergus Brennan (Tel. 086 056 7019) will be pleased to welcome golfers to the group.  The website is where you have info concerning where and when we play.  We also publish our results on www.