Rolex and Vinny sign off with duel in the sun


PSC Lawn Bowls from The Bowling Green

Saturday, March 17, saw a special challenge match between two of the most popular members of the Bowling Green who were going home the following day to England and Scotland respectively.  A farewell match was organised and captained by the two people in question; one team skippered by Peter “Rolex” Brown and the other marshalled by Mark “Vinny” Vickers.

There were five men in each squad playing a doubles and triples match and both matches were played to a very high standard.  In the doubles match, Mike and Ken got the better of Sandy and Bluemoon Brian to give “Rolex” a win.  In the triples match Aussie Bill, leading superbly and ably assisted by Rolex at no 2, were always posing problems against Roy F. and Vinny.  However Roy and Vinny would not go away and John P, skippering for Rolex’s team always came in with some brilliant bowls to outwit Brumi John, skippering for Vinny’s team.

The result was another win for Rolex team to take the match 2-0.  Fun was had by all with Rolex and Vinny looking forward to coming back soon to set up another challenge.

The winning team: Mike, ‘Rolex’, Ken, John P. and Billy. The winning team: Mike, ‘Rolex’, Ken, John P. and Billy.