Repeat winner has all the answers


The Backyard Golf Society

Four groups of Backyard golfers out on Jan. 25 at Emerald for our weekly golf game.  We had 2 new guests today including Paddy Wilson which meant we had a large group of former Slimy players back together again.  With Randy the French Canadian now up to his third game as a guest we have a new full time member of the group.

Dan ‘the Diet Whiskey Man’ did pull a clever pre-membership sale of the society shirt to Randy, so well done to Dan.  Before anyone asks, we will never be like Man Utd and sell different shirts each season and they will never be on sale at the various night markets around Pattaya.

Winner again today was Mike ‘Michelle’ Chatt with 38 points, 3 ahead of Tony ‘Foos yer Doos’ Cowe.  ‘Michelle’ is playing some great golf at the moment and we may have to cut his handicap for general play to give others a chance.  Amazingly with such a good score he did not win any skins.  Big winner today was Russell “He’s a Victorian” Benson who won 7 with a regulation par (and a shot) on the 10th hole.  That’s what makes the skins interesting, even a good score does not guarantee you a win with players receiving different numbers of shots.

Don ‘The Divorcer’ won 4 skins, with 2 each to Kit and Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend, 1 each to Second-hand Bob and Tel and the 18th rolled over again to next week.

Near-pin to day went to ‘The Divorcer’ and last week’s roll-over skin was won by Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend, who also won our football quiz.

‘Foos yer Doos’ showed some clever Jockonese cunning today, calling up the wifey from the fairway to bring his society shirt to the clubhouse and thus avoid the round of drinks fine for not wearing society attire down the road.

Unusual moment of the day came on the par 5, 14th hole where Kit’s caddie took to the tapioca field on the left side of the fairway to confirm what wild bears actually do live in the woods.  Kit did manage a par though so all’s well that ends well.