‘Reid’ all about it – Mark takes the medal


PSC golf from The Golf Club

Monday,November 28, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Paul Smith (1) 40pts

2nd Ian Brimble (9) 39pts

3rd Gary Emmett (18) 38pts

4th Karsten Kristensen (8) 38pts

5th Mark Reid (8) 37pts

It was a day for many of our boys to shoot some decent golf, with lots of scores coming in around 34, 35 and 36 but, as can be seen, better than handicap was required for a placing.  Despite the usual no-shows, with some highly original excuses, “I forgot”, “I didn’t set my alarm” and perhaps the best one, “eh?”, we still managed a very healthy turn out. 

Scoring well and early in the field were Rick Bevington and Stefan Hoge, following up closely with nice rounds too were John ‘where’s Mark Wood again’ McCall, Martin Zimmerman, Peter LeNoury, ‘Mighty Joe’, John Emmerson and Warren Holland.  Even the perennial last-groupers, Steve ‘Rigsby’ Mulberry and Simon Philpott were pushing to get on the podium, but, to no avail.

Medal winner Mark Reid rings the bell back at The Golf Club.Medal winner Mark Reid rings the bell back at The Golf Club.

It was Mark ‘Lou’ Reid who nailed down the final placing on 37 points.  Mark was also the guinea pig for me attempting to use my new camera, unfortunately, me being a complete technophobe, his shots were a lot better than mine!

With 38 apiece it was count back time again between Gary ‘Mr Concrete’ Emmett and Karsten ‘Ping’ Kristensen.  Gary’s superior back 6 ‘blocked’ KK and ‘laid the foundation’ for his third spot.  Second and falling only one shot short with an excellent 39 point return was Ian Brimble.  Another nice guy, Ian’s spent time in the UK, Oz and the USA so he’s always good for a game of ‘Name That Accent’.

That only leaves one then.  Recently back from the UK it seems like its business as usual and straight back to winning ways for Paul Smith.  Forty points, a gross 69 with 5 birdies, all I can do for all of us struggling our way around is slightly alter a saying by Mr Spock in Star Trek … “It’s golf Jim, but not as we know it!”

Wednesday, November 30, Mountain Shadow – Medal

A Flight

1st Mark Reid (8) net 68 net

2nd Paul Smith (1) net 72

3rd Steve Snelgrove (6) net 73

B Flight

1st Brad Gearie (13) net 73

2nd Martin Zimmerman (16) net 75

3rd Brad Sproxton (13) net 75

On reflection this was probably too tough a track for our Monthly Medal, with only one guy out of a field of 33 breaking par and we have already pencilled in a much friendlier course for our last Medal of the year.  So mop up the tears all you beaten and dejected Medal wannabe’s, there’s always next time.

Brad Sproxton.Brad Sproxton.

I did expect better though with a field once again packed with low handicappers, but that number 14 hole, in particular, can wreck anybodies card.  A quick glance through the cards revealed precious few pars but lots of 8’s, 9’s and 10’s and even two 14’s!  Don’t worry John, I wont let on!

Captain Clipboard Sproxton lost out for second spot in B Flight when all looked promising for a long time, but (and I think I heard it mentioned a couple of times back at the club) a 9 and 4 three putts will do you in anytime.

Capitalising on that to take second was Martin ‘He’s been a 16 for 3 years’ Zimmerman.  Martin’s been knocking at the door a lot recently but not quite getting there yet.

Flight winner with 73 was Brad Gearie.  Now Brad has been closing out well these last couple of weeks and must be riding high in the Money List but, as we all know, all good things must come to an end and as you read this he’ll be back in that pilot seat plying the Qantas routes in the sky.  The ever-generous Queenslander signed off with a drink for all the boys and staff and we all look forward to his next visit.  Safe flying mate!

That big Canadian Mountie, Stevie Snelgrove pushed hard up in the senior flight to finish third on 73, terrific shooting when you consider he too had a 7 and a 10 on his card.  Mr West Country himself, Paul ‘get orf my land’ Smith proved once more what a class act he is out there, with nothing higher than a 5 and a very good 72, only just missing out.

Striding away though, and I’m sure he’ll look resplendent in his embroidered Monthly Medal Winners shirt (when he gets it!) was Mark ‘lou’ Reid.  He’s another who has been turning in solid scoring, chipping away consistently at his handicap and his 68 today was far and away the quality performance.  If that’s what stopping drinking can do for you then maybe I should give it a try, but, then again, maybe not!

Friday, December 2, Crystal Bay – Stableford

1st Brad Sproxton (13) 42pts

2nd Ian Brimble (9) 38pts

3rd Martin Zimmerman (16) 37pts

Last trip of the week was to the ever-improving Crystal Bay, it looked great and it played great too.  It was a nice bit of early preparations as well for the following weeks 2 day competition, along with Greenwood.  As seems the case lately, Fridays are producing smaller fields but don’t ask me why, just one of the quirks of golf here.

Looking over this week’s report it seems like all the winners names were thrown into a hat and drawn out at random, so often were the names repeated.  It just goes to show what a bit of confidence can do for your game, get one win or a couple of places and suddenly it doesn’t seem quite as daunting.

As is normal in the ever-changing face of Pattaya’s golfing clientele, we have to say goodbye to some in one sentence and hello to the returnees in another.  Sad and happy occasions all rolled in together and bound by the great camaraderie the Golf Club has to offer.  Here’s one snag I’m finding about the club though, I liken it to the sand traps at Kabinburi; very easy to get into but much more difficult to get out of!

A 3-way tie for third on 37 eventually put Martin Zimmerman ahead of Grant Cadell and yours truly.  Second and one point better was one of the guys who is leaving, Ian Brimble.  Ian generously helped contribute to the Saturday Sore Head Club and it was nice to see him finding form in the last week of his trip.

A founder-member of that club took home today’s spoils, the Clipboard himself, Brad Sproxton.  Every now and again Brad shows us all what he can do and explodes from the pack to totally dominate the field and skate away with top spot.  There was no ‘Luck of the Canuck’ today, just 42 outstanding points.