Rawling on a roll to end the year


Phoenix Tuesday/Friday Golf Group

Three days to report on this week: first Friday, December 23 when the man from Oman, Paul Sharples, returned to form after a lean spell with a super 40 points.  This was bound to happen because Paul had played so badly for some time that his handicap had reached mid double figures from the single handicapper I once knew.  The good news for everyone else is that he will soon be back to single figures!

In second place was yours truly (Mike Gerrard) with 39 points with a three-putt on the last to give it to Paul.  Making up the third spot was Denis Dixon with 37 points.

Near pins went to Mukesh Thakker, Peter Rawling, Paul Sharples & Ted Oreton with the lucky draw going to Chris Coffey.

Peter Rawling and Dennis Dixon. Peter Rawling and Dennis Dixon.

On to Sunday, December 25, yes it was Christmas Day but there was no snow for any reindeer and sleigh to get through, so we enjoyed blue skies with temperatures around the 27 degrees.  Much better than all that slush and frost!

Santa made it a good day for Patrick Browne who scored 38 points to win the day, with Paul Sharples a close second on 36 points (respect to Paul on cutting himself two shots before today’s game) and Goort Gelten in third place with 35 points.

Near pin winners today were John Kelly & Damien Malloy and lucky draw winners were Mike Gerrard & Stuart Gordon.

So onto the biggy of the week, Tuesday, December 27, and with a full field we set off on the Ocean/Mountain course with a stroke play competition for the Trattoria Italiana monthly voucher.

These stroke play games sort the men from the boys in golfing terms; many of our players (including myself) had some very bad holes which makes it nigh on impossible to recover.  Thank goodness we can have a private match to keep us interested.

However not only did Peter Rawling and Dennis Dixon (shown in photo) take first and fourth places today, they were indeed partners in a four-ball and duly mugged myself and Eamon Murtagh into submission long before the end of the round.

So Peter Rawling claimed the Trattoria Italiana voucher with a net 70, Bill Hewitt was second with a net 71 and Stuart Gordon was third with a net 72 after edging Denis Dixon into fourth place on count back.

The day was made more frustrating by the last group failing to bring in the near pin flags and I was sure that I, myself, may have won two of them.  Never mind, the funds went into the lucky draw.

Back at the Relax Bar we had arranged an end of the year party and our hosts duly donated the lucky draw prizes (of which there were so many I will not print) and a truly splendid buffet for the players and their guests.

Final thanks for the year go to the following names: To all our sponsors: Trattoria Italiana, KPK Food Services, Nemo’s Music Lounge and The Relax Bar.  Thank you for all the donations and support over the last year.

Also my thanks go out to anyone who has supported and assisted in any way, especially Stuart Gordon, Bob Neylon, Clive Robinson, Patrick (The Flash) Browne & Richard Baldwin, who assists with the presentation most weeks, plus everyone who has participated over the year.

Our thoughts went out to Hugh Byrne, who is now thankfully recovering back in Ireland after a few weeks of messy surgery.  Get well soon Hugh and get back to fun city.

Sunday, Tuesday and Friday golf is very much on the agenda for the next 3 to 4 months at least (and beyond hopefully), so if anyone would like to join in please contact me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.