Rana best at Green Valley Pattaya, Derek finds the extra three points

Green Valley A flight winner Rana Gurnam with Jeff Hunt (L) and Iain Craigen (R).
Green Valley A flight winner Rana Gurnam with Jeff Hunt (L) and Iain Craigen (R).

PSC Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, March 16 Green Valley Stableford

How quickly times change. The Pattaya Links Golf Society returned to Green Valley just one week after a superb birthday tournament for Mr. Phil to find good fairways but slowish, “woolly” greens and an almost complete lack of wind. Oppressive and sultry conditions throughout made the day a struggle for many golfers, with only five golfers matching par or better.

With two flights, divided at fifteen and under, the group started on time and made good progress throughout on a relatively empty course.

In the second flight Ireland’s Joe Earls made third place with 35 points, one behind runner-up Merle Humphreys. The flight winner was Derek Phillips with a fine 39 points return.

In the top flight Connie Walsh again found a place on the podium with 38 points, edged out of second by six handicapper Tommy Marshall and 39 excellent points.

The winner, with 40 points, was the Links’ favourite Indian golfer, Rana Gurnam, who took bragging rights after suffering much banter during his trip.

Near pin awards went to Merle Humphreys (5), John Rabbitt (8), Joe Earls (13) and Masao Ishikawa (16), whilst the consolation best nine awards (non-winners) went to Dave Pettit for his front nine 22 points and Pat Lavin’s 20 points on the back nine.

A Flight (0-15)

1st Place – Rana Gurnam (12) – 40 pts

2nd Place – Tommy Marshall (6) – 39 pts

3rd Place – Connie Walsh (11) – 38 pts


B Flight (16+)

1st Place – Derek Phillips (16) – 39 pts

2nd Place – Merle Humphreys (23) – 36 pts

3rd Place – Joe Earls (18) – 35 pts

Best Front Nine (non-winners) David Pettit 22 pts

Best Back Nine (non-winners) Pat Lavin 20 pts

Burapha B flight winner Derek Phillips with Peter Lacey (L) and Greg Thomson (R).
Burapha B flight winner Derek Phillips with Peter Lacey (L) and Greg Thomson (R).

The booby prizes went as forecast with Jeff Hunt taking the ‘silly’ hat for his nine points return on the front nine and the’ wig’ was presented to Iain Craigen for the lowest score of the day.

The day ended with the celebration of Dave Pettit’s birthday and the presentation of a sumptuous cake, enjoyed by all.

Despite the sultry conditions and woolly greens the course is always a delight to play and the group are all anticipating our next visit next month.

Wednesday, March 18 Burapha A+B Stableford

After our visit to Burapha Wednesday, the main talking point back at Links was how good this course is. Fairways are green, with plenty of run, and greens in great condition albeit a little slower than expected. However, they were running true and turning when they should.

It should then come as no surprise that 19 of the 42 players recorded a score of handicap or better and all but six had 30 points or more.

Steve Moxey was in the lead three-ball which took just three and a half hours for the round. He came in looking very pleased with himself as he had scored 40 points, which won him the A flight honours.

A young Japanese player, Takuya Okuda, joined us for the first time and, playing off a handicap of six, had 38 points to win a countback for second.

Rana Gurnam had another good one, scoring 38 points but losing that countback.

Last Monday Derek Phillips had 39 points but was beaten for the ‘Jacket’ by Rana. This time he scored an extra three points to turn the tables and win B flight and, of course, the Green Jacket.

Tony Browne has been in and out of the placings recently and Wednesday he won second spot on countback, on 38 points, to beat Tom Herrington who put in an improved performance.

Near pins A flight: Paul Kennedy, John Harrison, Steve Lynch, & Steve Moxey.

Near pins B flight: Colin Davis, Derek Phillips, Gerry Hanrahan, & Tom Herrington.


A Flight (0-15)

1st Place – Steve Moxey (9) – 40 pts

2nd Place – Takuya Okuda (6) – 38 pts c/back

3rd Place – Rana Gurnam (12) – 38 pts

B Flight (16+)

1st Place – Derek Phillips (16) – 42 pts

2nd Place – Tony Browne (16) – 38 pts c/back

3rd Place – Tom Herrington (18) – 38 pts

Best Front Nine (non-winners) – Peter Lacey – 21 pts

Best Back Nine (non-winners) – Andy Roberts – 22 pts

Phil’s injury is keeping him from playing right now but he decided to go for a hit at the driving range. The first swing caused enough pain for him to stop before starting.

Driving back to the clubhouse, he stopped to watch some of our players on the ninth green.

One of them had three putts that would not go in and, in frustration the club was, well best not describe it here, but we should not do that. Fortunately, no damage was caused to the green, caddies or players. But, a ‘silly hat’ was in order for Peter Lacey.

Greg Thomson just had one of those days and got to wear the ‘wig’ for the lowest score.

With green fee vouchers, the price was nice, the course in wonderful condition and the weather pleasant enough. What a shame that there are not many golfers around currently. Each course we have been to in the past couple of weeks is almost empty, good for us, but not good for the clubs.

Let’s get back to normal quickly.