Quality course in Pattaya at a special price

Lawrie McBride tees off on B1.
Lawrie McBride tees off on B1.

PSC Links Golf Society

Friday, May 29 Pattana A+B Stableford

After the heavy overnight and early morning rains experienced in Pattaya and Pattana, it was no surprise to find that carts were restricted to paths only.

This course is a favourite of many because it is almost always presented in top condition and with some great views, if you take the time to look around. The fairways today were well grassed, looking picturesque and, as expected, a little soft underfoot. The greens were a little fluffy and slower than usual, but running truly. Tomorrow’s trim will fix that.

Pattana is again running the super special price of 1350 baht all-in for a start after 11.30 am.

Our first four-ball teed off pretty much at the scheduled time and had an open paddock in front of them, enabling a clear run for the round to finish just on four hours. It does take a little longer when carts don’t drive on the fairways. Unlike recent courses we have played, today we were not alone. However, while we started from B1, others were teeing off from A1, so we never met.

Since returning to golf we have found each course following the guidelines/instructions for the check-in procedures re the virus, and each one has their own method.

Pattana has a system which is much more rigorous than some others, with the usual temperature taking and information, passport, phone number, etc., but also having the caddies spraying disinfectant on carts at the half way stop. The staff all play their part and play goes on.

Caddies spray disinfectant on carts at half way.
Caddies spray disinfectant on carts at half way.

Since our visit earlier in the month, lockers and showers have now reopened for use.

Even though we are not playing competition at the moment, Lawrie McBride has had his fourth excellent score in a row, although this one, at 35 points, was his lowest of the four. And the good news he was waiting for! His handicap has come down by 2 shots. Well done Lawrie.

We will return here next Friday, June 5 where, hopefully, the thunder and lightning show comes at the end of our round, as it did today.