Phillips on the podium at last


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, June 19, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

This looked like being our biggest turnout of the ‘low season’, however as happens quite often, on the morning we had a well above average numbers of ‘no shows’, but even so we had a full list.  So into cars and down the road, or up if Bangkok happens to be ‘up’ because that is the way we go.  We were soon at the course and Alan and I were allowed to open our eyes, closed through fear, as we went with Mashi.  Mashi knows just about every shortcut to every course and some of them are just a touch dicey!

This course here is developing quite nicely and it seems that every time we go it gets a little bit better.  Having decided to play the ‘Blues’, we got under way in a strong wind that seemed to change direction quite often.  Playing off the Blues on this day proved to be quite exciting as not only was it difficult, but as many tees were being reworked we played quite often with them next to the Black Tees.  Mind, in the wind it just added to the excitement for some.  However this course is not the most difficult around and with the fairways in good condition, the rough generally not too bad, and the greens fast and a bit tricky, we got around in good humour.

Tuesday’s winners, with Keith Phillips, 3rd right, wearing the biggest smile. Tuesday’s winners, with Keith Phillips, 3rd right, wearing the biggest smile.

The changing rooms are not bad, the showers pretty good and the towels are snowy white and fluffy, so having a shower here is a good experience.  Then into the restaurant, which is quite large and has a good view over the last holes of the golf course.  Mind, although cheap, I did not find the food particularly tasty, rather average.

Back into the cars and onto Route 7, where it soon became apparent that there had been an accident ahead, and as the oncoming traffic also seemed to be at a halt it appeared it was a major one.  I noticed on the oncoming lane there was a car with a flat roof and a trailer, being readied to be towed away, and blow me if in the middle of the road on our side was a big boat, no water. We spent a long time wondering what had happened, however once past the boat the road cleared and we were soon back

It was soon on with the results and even with the hold up on Route 7 we were still able to get under way at the normal time.  In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner with a great round was Mashi Kaneta, ahead of Alan Sullivan in second with 36 points and Derek Brook in third with 35 points.

The winner in the B Flight was Barry Elphick with a fine round of 40 points, he is playing well at the moment, and then it was everyone’s favourite occurrence as Keith Phillips made his once a year, maybe not even that, visit to the podium in second with 34 points.  Keith always plays on a Tuesday and is very rarely in the results, but here he even won a near pin as well, his first ever at Bert’s.  In third was Graham Buckingham with 33 points.

So it was then time to let Keith buy me a beer or two.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Bob Watson, Keith Phillips, Kike Gaussa, Mashi Kaneta.