Petur Petursson wows ‘em at Greenwood Golf Club Pattaya

Winner Petur Petursson wearing his first Green Jacket, with Phil Davies presenting.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Monday, Sept. 13
Greenwood Golf Club B+C

Petur Petursson returned from his native Iceland and spent a month in the Phuket region, including the ‘sandbox.’ Whilst there, he played some golf to get his hand back in before getting back to Pattaya, where he has been a regular visitor for a few years.

His round last Friday showed that he was ready for a win, scoring 37 points and just missing top spot. On Monday, playing off a handicap of #6, Petur put together a consistent two nines for an impressive 40 points and a clear win. This is not his first win at Links but it is the first time he has donned the Green Jacket for a photo op.

At the other end of the handicap scale, Neil Smith has scored a very good 38 points to take second place. That was a major improvement on his previous very lowly score, which we won’t quote.

Before the latest lockdown, Mike Tottenham had been in very good form, so much so that he had lowered his handicap by quite a few shots. It has taken a couple of games back to find that form again, but 36 points today shows that he is back up and running.

Winners at Greenwood

1st Place – Petur Petursson (6) – 40 pts

2nd Place – Neil Smith (32) – 38 pts

3rd Place – Mike Tottenham (16) – 36 pts

This course is, as always, in very good condition. Carts were allowed on the fairways so it was ‘play as it lies.’ But then, a change of mind when we thought it may be a bit soft. It certainly was a correct decision to lift, clean and place, as there were plenty of mud balls and plugged balls.

The rough had been cut and it was possible to find the ball if it strayed. However, still not easy to hit out of and be sure to go where it is meant to.

The greens are were just a little quicker than expected as all had received some light sanding, but were playing truly.

The course was very quiet and our twelve players seem to make up the bulk of customers, at least for the five hours or so that we were there.