Petur makes it back to back wins in Pattaya

Winner Petur Petursson. If it looks familiar, you are correct: Two in a row.

PSC Links Golf Society
Wed. Sept.15
St. Andrews
After a couple of days of having no rain, it came back hard on this Wednesday morning as we arrived at Links Hotel. Messages and phone calls came from golfers, but we decided to wait for an hour to see what happens.

Two players decided to cancel but the rest showed up early and ready to go. As our bus arrived the rain eased slightly, so all agreed to head for the course.

Amazingly, as we entered the gate at Green Valley, the rain stopped. Happy days!

Another Society had headed to the first tee at St. Andrews so our groups followed.

The rain did come back at about the time our groups were on the 15th or 16th tee. There were two very slow five balls ahead of the Society groups and all agreed that we might have finished before getting wet, if only.

Petur Petursson had his handicap lowered by one shot after scoring 40 points two days ago, but that could not stop him.

His past three games have produced scores of 37, 40 and now, another 37 points. This man is making the very best of his short stay in Thailand for this trip.

Nine days ago, Bob Paine wore the winner’s Green Jacket for the first time. That good form continues with another solid score of 35 points for the second place.

Newcomer to our group, Matt Thurnburn, scored a handy 33 points to grab third spot.

Winners at St. Andrews
1st Place – Petur Petursson (5) – 37 pts
2nd Place – Bob Paine (22) – 35 pts
3rd Place – Matt Thurnburn (17) – 33 pts

This course is in very good condition, even though quite wet for the most part so, of course it was lift, clean and place. Greens are clean and playing well and the rough, well, the rough is the same as most courses right now. It will be better when they can get to them with the mowers.

It was little later getting back, but all eight of the players enjoyed the course, even if a little wet at the end.