Peterson gets the nod on count-back


Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Dec. 4, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Peter Peterson (8) 42pts

2nd John Emerson (10) 42pts

3rd Peter LeNoury (13) 40pts

B Flight

1st Don Lehmer (24) 41pts

2nd Fred Birch (20) 39pts

3rd Michael Proesting (34) 39pts

Don Lehmer – winner on Sunday.
Don Lehmer – winner on Sunday.

A fair sized crowd departed from both Lewiinski’s and Colin’s Bar to play our play our regular Sunday bash at Green Valley.  They found the course in good condition and the weather was warm with a gentle breeze.

It was A Flight who played like the premier players they are as they led the way with two players recording 42-point outbursts.  It was hard luck to former golf manager John Emerson as his two score and two only provided him with the second place lucre thanks to the count back loss to the man on form Peter Peterson.  Peter ‘the right honorable’ LeNoury was left with the third place scraps despite a fine 40 points.

Don ‘the ladies’ man’ Lehmer proved once again that brute strength and age is not a requirement as he took the top spot on the B Flight podium with a sparkling 41 points.  Don was two strokes clear of a pair of golfers, Fred Birch and Michael Proesting, and when the counting was done it was Fred who got to stand a little higher on the podium than Michael.

Tuesday, Dec. 6, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A Flight

1st Paul West (19) 43pts

2nd Oliver Orth (12) 36pts

3rd Colin Smith (13) 34pts

B Flight

1st Tore Eliassen (22) 38pts

2nd Torbin Lindgarrd (30) 36pts

3rd Aiden Murray (26) 36pts

Near Pins:  No 2 Colin Davis, No 6 Oliver Orth, No 13 Alan Humphries, No 17 Peter Sorensen.

Today we played the tough Treasure Hill course at a cost of just THB 1,150 including green fee caddy fee and cart – it’s got to be the best deal around this area.

The weather was cool and windy; the course was in fine condition and even with 23 eager players in attendance, it (the course) came out on top with only two players managing to better their handicaps.

The victor in the premier flight and man of the match was Paul West who showed the lads nothing but tail lights with a superb 43 points.  Paul was followed up the podium steps at a distance by the man on form, Oliver North, with 36 points.  Oliver also pocketed a near pin.  Colin Smith was left to tidy up the flight with 34 points.

The other player who bettered his handicap, Tore Eliassen with a fine 38 points, took the top spot in B Flight and was two clear of Torbin Lindgarrd and Aiden Murray who were knotted together on even par rounds, and when the knot was undone it was Torbin who received the silver and Aiden the bronze.

Wednesday, Dec. 7, Royal Lakeside – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bruce Anderson (10) 41pts

2nd Oliver Orth (12) 40pts

3rd Thomas Haering (18) 37pts

B Flight

1st Nigel Henson (26) 47pts

2nd Pierre Zbinden (23) 43pts

3rd Merle Humphreys (20) 39pts

Near Pins:  Colin Davis and Nigel Henson

Royal Lakeside’s superb condition and somewhat forgiving layout was expected to yield some good scores and it did not disappoint.

Bruce Anderson took the top spot in the premier flight with a rock solid 41 points, that was one stroke clear of the man riding a purple patch, Oliver Orth, who made it two podium visits in as many games.  Thomas Haering closed the flight on 37 points.

Nigel Henson took the top spot in B flight and the man of the match honours with a fantastic 47 points – even with his back-nine containing two no-scores.  He also picked up a trip to the handicap secretary.  Pierre Zbinden, who would have won most days with his excellent 43 points, just picked the wrong day this time and had to settle for the flight silver.  Merle Humphreys rounded out the flight with a very impressive 39 points.

It seems that if you want to stand a good chance of winning let ‘the Donkey’ mark your card as he as marked the last two winners.

Friday, Dec. 9, St. Andrews – Stableford

A Flight

1st Peter Pedursen (8) 40pts

2nd Bruce Anderson (10) 40pts

3rd Peter Kelly (15) 35pts

B Flight

1st Merle Humphreys (21) 38pts

2nd Paul West (19) 37pts

3rd Michael Burgert (18) 33pts

Near Pins: No 3 Merle Humphreys, No 5 Oliver Orth, No 10 Peter Kelly, No 17 Paul West.

The week concluded with a trip to St Andrews golf club for the boys and girls from Lewiinski’s and Colin’s Golf Bar.  The course was in fair condition but does need some work on the greens and bunkers.

The story of the day was in A Flight as two players battled it out, both returning cards of 40 points.  Peter Pedursen emerged from the count back to claim the top podium step as Bruce Anderson lifted the silver.  Irishman Peter Kelly rounded out the flight with 35 points and a bonus near pin.

Merle ‘the swirl’ Humphreys took the laurels in B Flight with 38 points and a near pin.  The silver podium spot was awarded to Paul West a shot in arrears and a near pin as Michael Burgert was left to tidy up the flight with 33 points.

What no Oliver North on the podium today?  Well he did have a near pin.