Paxton prevails at Phoenix


PSC golf from I-Rovers

Tuesday, Sept. 10, Phoenix Lake & Mountain – Strokeplay

You’ve got to love Phoenix – a top quality golf course just 20 minutes drive from central Pattaya.  The course here is great with perfect fairways and fast, true greens.  We turned up today a little bit early and were able to tee off ahead of schedule.

I don’t know what has happened to the standard of our golf lately, most of us had been playing to or better than handicap for a while, but lately it’s just been rubbish, and I think I’m the worst offender.

Leigh Paxton.Leigh Paxton.

Today we welcomed back Rob from Wales and Henry who has been spending a lot of time in Buriram.  Both guys were a little rusty but otherwise played well.

Really not sure who was the winner today; the scores were fairly poor all round but we will give the best result to Leigh Paxton (hcp 30).  Leigh played well and got very close to his handicap.

Just a short side note, as we were buying drinks today at the first hole we were told that Phoenix has a new policy that you need to buy vouchers to purchase drinks and food around the course.  You can only buy these vouchers in 100 baht lots, being to the value of 10 baht each.  You can also buy extra vouchers around the course if required.  We were told it was for cash control around the course!  I don’t really see the benefit as each shop around the course was still holding cash to sell the vouchers.

The catch to the new system comes when you finish your round with a pocket full of vouchers left over.  They do not cash the vouchers back in, that’s just bad luck for you.  Trying to be good hearted, I gave my extra vouchers to my caddie on top of her tip, she looked at me and said, “what am I going to do with these?  I can’t cash them in either.”

Sorry Phoenix, no one in my group liked your new system.

Happy golfing!