Parker doubles up for the week


PSC golf from The Bunker Bar

Monday, November 7, Emerald – Stableford

Best round of the day was played by Mario Benavidez who won the B flight by two points ahead of Geoff Hart and Reg Smart.

Geoff Parker’s starting to find a bit of form since returning from Cambodia, the cut was set at handicap 19 and Geoff won the A Flight with 36 points.  Dave Ashman was second two points behind and Sean Murphy took third place a further point back.

A Flight

1st Geoff Parker (17) 36pts

2nd Dave Ashman (12) 34pts

3rd Sean Murphy (15) 33pts

B Flight

1st Mario Benavidez (27) 37pts

2nd Geoff Hart (24) 35pts

3rd Reg Smart (23) 31pts

Near Pins:  Lee Butler, Mario, Geoff Parker, Dave Ashman

Wednesday, November 9, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Sean Murphy had another good round winning the A Flight on a count back from Geoff Cox and Phil Moore took third place also on a count back from Geoff Parker.

Geoff Parker (left) with JJ Harney - first and second at Crystal Bay on Friday. Geoff Parker (left) with JJ Harney – first and second at Crystal Bay on Friday.

Count backs were needed in the B flight too where Jack Gayer edged out Jack Robertson to win and Peter Habgood did the same to Joe Vanderwegan to take third place.

A Flight

1st Sean Murphy (15) 36pts

2nd Geoff Cox (14) 36pts

3rd Phil Moore (12) 32pts

B Flight

1st Jack Gayer (19) 35pts

2nd Jack Robertson (25) 35pts

3rd Peter Habgood (19) 33pts

Near Pins:  Jack Gayer, Geoff Parker, Geoff Cox, Marion Melia.

Friday, November 11, Crystal Bay – Stableford)

The cut was set at handicap 17 and there were no count backs required in the A or B flights today.  Geoff Parker came good again winning the A flight with 37 points and grabbing a couple of near pins as well!  JJ Harney had a happy return to the fold taking runner up spot ahead of Mike Lloyd who came third with 35 points.

Last month’s golfer of the month Peter Habgood took the B flight, beating Geoff Hart by a single point who, in turn, beat Mike Corner by the same margin.

A Flight

1st Geoff Parker (17) 37pts

2nd JJ Harney (12) 36pts

3rd Mike Lloyd (12) 35pts

B Flight

1st Peter Habgood (19) 33pts

2nd Geoff Hart (24) 32pts

3rd Mike Corner (22) 31pts

Near Pins:  JJ Harney, Reg Smart, Geoff Parker (2).