Parish takes a shine to Crystal Bay


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Friday, April 12, Crystal Bay – Stableford

This was the day that nearly was not.  We thought we would slip in a day at the end of water throwing in Pattaya and see if we could get a group together.  Mind, we knew that most of our players were leaving town, but surely we could get together a few diehards who had hidden away for a few days.

Well it seemed that the answer was no way, no golf.  With a couple of days to go we had a two-ball, Dick and myself, and quite realistically with Dick playing so well of late I did not fancy coming second, so a cancellation was on the cards.  Then the cracks opened and a few hardy souls came forth, including arrivals from UK, and blow me down we had a couple of cars full.  Oh the joy.  So off we went with a smile on our faces, powder coated or not.

Brian Parish. Brian Parish.

Crystal Bay was quite empty, so we were soon booked in and onto the course where we were told we would play the C & A Nines in a strong wind.  While this course is not a shadow of what it was 10 years ago, it is still a far better than many who seem to have a better ‘Go To’ following and at present it has a great rate for the poor old ones, like me, who take a buggy.  I can do with a bit of that, and incidentally as a sister course of Mountain Shadow, both share the great rate.

So off we went in blustery conditions and the course was in quite good shape, really, it has seen a bit of use but the fairways are now starting to grass up and the greens are still hard and fast.  The rough mind is still rough and at least at this course it is fairly forgiving, in most places, but they do tend to grow the trees directly in front of my ball.  I seem to always hit a tree or am stuck behind one; that is if I am not in a bunker.  I suspect I have at some time hit all the trees on all the courses, well it feels that way.  Mind, there were some good scores.

Back at Bert’s we were able to all sit around one of Bert’s big tables, and that was OK as I was able to share with one of the players, Henry O’Brien, who ordered the ‘Golfers Special’ and it was so much we shared one between us.  Getting old has its privileges, I still listen to my mother who knows all the places to get a ‘pensioners meal’ within miles of her home.  I can go with her now.  Happy Days!!

Well we did have a result and winners.  Brian Parish had the best score with 40 points, with 24 points on the back nine, with the scribe in second with 38 points on count back over Dick Warberg in third.  We were so sorry for the rest we bought them a few beers and in fact had a great night, especially as Nigel brought my cheese.  Holiday players do have their uses.  T.T.F.N.