Ovens above – Spot takes monthly honours


PSC golf from The Blue Moose Sports Bar

Monday, Sept. 24, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

A somewhat low turnout for Monday golf as the NFL season has started and most regulars stay away to watch Sunday Night Football.  Winning was Dale Murphy with a score of 35 points as he continues to work on bringing his handicap down.  Bruce beat out Arnold for second on count back of their scores of 33.

Larry, who normally is in the running tore up his card.  We did get his score out of him of 25 points.  Larry is a regular golfer at the Moose but this was his last round of golf for a while as he will be going back to work for 6 months in northern Alberta, Canada.  We wish him the best with the 40 degree below zero weather in the winter!

Wednesday, Sept. 26, Burapha – Stableford

We played Burapha B & D course for the Blue Moose monthly trophy, and the course was in surprisingly good shape considering all of the rain we have had.

Paul “Spot” Ovens, left, with Bill Thompson. Paul “Spot” Ovens, left, with Bill Thompson.

We moved fairly quickly until we made the D course where a 5-ball had teed off.  It was slower, but not as slow as we expected.  We finished the round in 3 hours 30 minutes.

For the second monthly in a row the head Moose (Bill Thompson) came in second.  Not only that, but an Australian has won two months in a row.  Billy was looking at a par putt of 6 feet and confident he would make it to win on the monster 478 yard par 4 finishing hole.  While talking the line over with his caddy, Spot (Paul) Ovens chipped in for a birdie from off the green.  Billy did make his putt for 37 points one short of Spot’s 38.  Gerd Seidel came in third with 31 points.

Back at the Blue Moose, Herbie Ishinaga provided an experiment with a chicken and coleslaw sub – it was very good.