Novak and Missler star at Pattaya Country Club


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Sept. 19, Bangpakong – Stableford

Our first game back since our return from Chiang Mai and we made the one hour journey in comfortable time from Siam Cats.  It was only two divisions out today as there were many people suffering heavy colds and influenza symptoms, the reasons unbeknown to all of us.

Still in form and in his last week with us before his return to New York, Harry Vincenzi won division 1 with 37 points while the Bristol boy Paul Smith was second with 34 after beating Billy Hewitt on a 18/17 back nine count back.

Tom Novak (41pts) and Mike Missler (40pts) were the winners at Pattaya Country Club. Tom Novak (41pts) and Mike Missler (40pts) were the winners at Pattaya Country Club.

Mr. baggy pants, Marty Aronson, won division 2 on 33 points beating Tom Novak on an 18/17 count back as well.

In the ‘2’s there were 5 rollovers to Pattaya Country Club in division 1 and two in division 2.

Wednesday, Sept. 21, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

There were 6 four-balls out today so nearest the pins came in to play.  The cut was 6-16 in division 1 and 17 plus in division 2.

As we played this course today and with the amount of rain we have had in the whole area over the past two weeks none of us could believe the hardness of the fairways; from a drive the ball was bouncing between 10 and 20ft in the air and rolling between 20 and 30yds down the fairway.  The greens here were very slick and in good condition, you wouldn’t have thought this by standing on them.

Before his imminent return to Kazakhstan, Tom Novak scored 23 points on the front nine and came in with 41 points to win division 2.  The organiser also scored 23 points but on the back nine to finish second with 38 while Russell Benson beat Willy van Heetvelde on a 20/15 back nine count back for third after they both scored 36.

After three weeks away with Miss Faa in New York, Cincinatti, and Las Vegas, Mike Missler returned to win division 1 with 40 points and this was with three blobs on the card.  Al Keith was second on 38 and Chris Voller took third after beating the Chiang Mai champion Neville Scurrell on a 20/16 back nine count back, both on 36.

Al Keith birdied the 16th, Chris Voller the 12th and and 16th and Bob Watson the 5th to split the rollover ‘2’s pot in division 1, and in his comeback with us Bryan Rought birdied the 5th for the three purses in division 2.

Near pins went to Tony Barritt, Bryan Rought, Chris Voller (2), Mark Jennings, Brian Ferrigno, Al Keith and Andy Oz.

Friday, Sept. 23, Eastern Star – Stableford

There were 46 names on the board at Siam Cats on Thursday evening for today’s game but with heavy rain throughout the night in the Baan Chang area there were a few cancellations from players living down that way early on Friday morning.

Heading down towards Soi 5 in Jomtien the rain increased and the scribe reached Siam Cats just in time.  There were more phone calls cancelling out today because of the weather conditions and with a 40 minute delay for the mini bus we arrived at Eastern Star 30 minutes behind schedule.

In the end there were seven groups out including the ladies division with the cut in Div 1 at 6-15 and division 2 for handicaps 16 and above.

There was light drizzle for the first couple of holes and this turned into a few spots of rain for the next four holes.  The fairways were a little soggy so ‘pick, clean and place’ came into the game.

Bill Bertram returned the highest score today winning division 1 with 39 points, and on his return playing off 6, Kari Kupairnen took second after beating the Rioja boy Jon Lay 19/18 on the back nine as they both came in with 37 points.

Ted Morris won division 2 with 37 points, Bryan Rought was second five points behind, and Jim Lane took third with 31.

In the Ladies division Arisa Henningham playing off 23 shot 38 to win her division.

Mikael Andersson birdied the 17th and Jon Lay the 3rd to split the ‘2’s in division 1, and there are two rollovers to next Friday in division 2.

Near pins were claimed by Arisa Henningham, Mikael Andersson, Bryan Rought, Frank Kelly, Brian Libbey and Toi Blair.

It was Bon Voyage to Harry Vincenzi who arrives back on the 28th December and also to Marytn Anderton who is back in 6 weeks.