Nigel Henson on fire at Burapha

Winner Nigel Henson, with Phil Davies presenting.

Nigel Henson wins by a lot. Kevin LaBar makes a successful return. Maurice Roberts makes a cameo appearance and Phil’s shoes stayed in one piece.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Friday, July 16
Burapha Golf Course C+A

A small field of eight players took to the C and A combination at Burapha under dark, cloudy skies. However, apart from a slight drizzle for a few minutes, everything and everyone stayed dry.

Both nines, we found, are now in very good condition after some reports recently that the A course was still not up to the usual standard here.

It is, and the greens on both courses are smooth and playing truly. The fairways are nicely cut but the rough, although recently cut down a tad, is still difficult to play from.

Nigel Henson has had some indifferent games of late, so decided to get some advice. A small change in ball position at address has enabled cleaner and surer ball strikes.

This new and improved way took a few games to kick in but, today, it well and truly kicked in to enable a great score of 43 points and his second Green Jacket.

Kevin LaBar is a golf journeyman and decided to join us for this trip to Burapha. He has had some very good scores with another society lately, and continued that form for a solid 36 points which gave him second place.

We can never write George Mueller out of calculations and he was there again, grabbing third spot with another fine score of 35 points.

Winners at Burapha
1st Place – Nigel Henson (19) – 43 pts
2nd Place – Kevin LaBar (13) – 36 pts
3rd Place – George Mueller (14) – 35 pts

Phil Davies was playing just his fourth game since quarantine in February and, at last, found some of the old form. He was not in the first three but getting closer. It also helped that the newly repaired soles on his shoes held together.

Maurice Roberts walked on to a Thailand golf course for the first time since February 2020. It was to be a cameo appearance on the eve of his imminent return to Australia.

He enjoyed his time in the outdoors, so his score is not important.

It was a welcome back to Maurice, and soon, Bon Voyage.