Nicholson leads the way at Greenwood


The Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday this week combined Easter Monday with April Fools Day, so I wasn’t sure whether my golf game was going to experience a resurrection or whether I was going to feel like an idiot as usual.  After playing a round at a breezy Bangpakong I must admit it was more like the latter than the former, although I did finish better than I started so perhaps it was a little of both.

It was a swift return to Bangpakong for the TRGG as it was less than two weeks since our previous visit and the windy conditions kept the scores down.  Instead of the usual 40+ points required to take first place it was a more modest 37pts posted by Mike Ensor (10), which was good enough to take the prize money.  Neil Allison (19) was a close second on 36pts and Mike Rushant (11) slipped into third spot with 34.

Mike Ensor.Mike Ensor.

On Tuesday 2nd April, Greenwood A and B courses played host to our group and the slightly kinder conditions led to some better scoring, or maybe there were some better golfers in the field, I am not sure.  Anyway, Dave Nicholson (14) showed everybody the way home with an impressive 39pts.  His playing partner Max Scott (4) came second on 37pts, winning on count back from Jim Cleaver (13).

Thursday 4th April saw the TRGG make its weekly visit to Phoenix to take on Mountain and Lakes.  Craig Hitchens (12), shooting 38pts, was too good for the rest and took the winner’s berth.  Phil Taylor (17), who had had a bit of a nightmare at Bangpakong on Monday, showed one and all that it had been a temporary blip by returning to form with 36pts to take second and Mod Chaviraksa (11) showed you can’t keep a good woman down for long taking by third place with 35.

On Friday 5th April it was the turn of Bangpra to provide the stalwarts of the TRGG with an examination of their golfing skills.  Mike Rushant (11) passed with a distinction by finishing first with 38pts.  Larry Simpson (12) acquitted himself well enough to take a second with 35 and Neil Bramley (9) flew back into Thailand to post a good third place finish with 34pts.

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week!

Dave Nicholson (left) with Max Scott.Dave Nicholson (left) with Max Scott.