Neither heat nor rain daunt Mabprachan Society golfers in their quest

Neil Harvey, John Feeney and Paul Davies celebrate their victories at Eastern Star Golf Course.

Tuesday May 30, 2023
Eastern Star Golf Course
1st Paul Davies (37) – 40 points
2nd John Feeney (19) – 33 points
3rd Neil Harvey (23) – 30 points

Thursday June 1, 2023
Pleasant Valley Golf Course
1st Allan Cassin (13) – 37 points
2nd John Feeney (19) – 26 points

We started this week on Tuesday at Eastern Start with 3 flights.  It was a hot and sunny day as usual. The course was in good condition, but not easy. The white tees were positioned far to the back.

But anyway, we had a good day of golf. Our Silver tee man, Paul Davies, took advantage today and won with 40 stableford points. John Feeney was runner up with 33 points and Neil Harvey third with 30 points.
The near pins were for Sam Jeffery and Paul Davies.

On Thursday we drove to Pleasant Valley. It was remarkable that the road works didn’t cause too much trouble on the service road.  Despite the heavy rain the night before, the course was in reasonably good condition. On some spots there were spontaneous small lakes created. Nevertheless, for most of us, it was a tough game.

Only one golfer reached his normal level, Allan Cassin. He won with 37 stableford points. The best of the rest was John Feeney with 26 points.
Today no near pins.

Allan Cassin and John Feeney were both winners at Pleasant Valley Golf Course.