Murray burns it up – twice


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, March 9, Pattavia – Stableford


Division 1 (0–17)

1st Mark Williams (6) 33pts

2nd Allan Hanlon (13) 33pts

3rd Mike Remington (13) 32pts

4th Jin Ishihara (11) 30pts

5th Vic Reimer (17) 29pts

Division 1 (18+)

1st Murray Frost (34) 41pts

2nd Terry Hodgkiss (24) 35pts

3rd John Carlin (19) 33pts

4th Peter Koha (19) 32pts

5th Hal Hart (21) 32pts

This course has benefitted from a lot of work by the new owners that will certainly pay dividends during the low season, as the green fees are amongst the keenest in the area.  Worthy of special mention are the bunkers and fairways which are now in very good condition, but the problem of how to score well is still dominated by the greens, which are very true, extremely quick but as hard as rock and when allied to very firm surrounds it makes even the bump and run approach a very difficult proposition to score consistently well, especially for the lower handicap player.

(L-R) Murray Frost, Paul Young and Mark Williams.(L-R) Murray Frost, Paul Young and Mark Williams.

This day was another example, as the first division was led in by a meager three over handicap from Mark Williams, who also needed to win a count back by 17 to 16 over Allan Hanlon after the latter had left himself just too much to do, taking only three points from the first three on the back nine.

Mike Remington also let his chance slip on the 15th & 16th after a slow start.  Jun Ishihara struggled for most of the day and was no doubt surprised to find himself in fourth, one ahead of Vic Reimer.

Far and away ahead, in scoring terms at least, was Murray Frost who burned up the track with a five under return that was his best score in Thailand after over thirty attempts.  He won by a street and a half from Terry Hodgkiss who finished slightly worse than expected after taking a two shot penalty for an illegal drop after reporting the event to the scorer.

John Carlin found the going a little harder than when winning the Club Championship handicap division as he took third place by a nose from a count back, which Peter Koha won with a better 15 to 13 to leave Hal Hart in fifth.

Even though the course was playing at its most difficult there were still 2’s to be recorded by Mark Williams in the first division and Phil Stevenson, winning a triple rollover in the second division.

Wednesday, March 11, Green Valley – Stableford

CSS 73

Division 1 (0–16)

1st Ben Jackson (16) 34pts

2nd Erik Donnestad (5) 34pts

3rd Gerald Decio (16) 30pts

Division 2 (17+)

1st Hal Hart (21) 38pts

2nd Terry Hodgkiss (24) 33pts

3rd Mike Korney (19) 32pts

A much lower turnout for the usual bi-weekly trip to Green Valley, no doubt a knock on effect from the news regarding the low season green fees.  A 40% reduction in numbers compared with the other two playing days in the week is a considerable vote of feet and underlines the reasoning behind the decision to drop the course from the low season schedules.  But apart from the obvious signs of many players throughput, the course was in reasonable shape, although once again the first division leaders came in over handicap.

Ben Jackson made it a happy return as he started slowly but did enough over the inward half to win a count back over Erik Donnestad, racking up a better 18 to 16 and take his first win for a very long time and also deny Erik his first win of the trip.  Gerald Decio took the last step on the reduced podium as he won a three-way count back over Jun Ishihara and Bob Heath with a better 16 against 15 and 14 respectively.

The second division was led in by Hal Hart with the best score of the day to win by two from Terry Hodgkiss, again showing well, in second spot.  Mike Korney rounded out the podium after winning a count back against Phil Stevenson with a better 19 to 18.

There were no 2’s in the first division but Don Everett and Mike Korney shared the second division pool.

Friday, March 13, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Division 1 (0–15)

CSS 71

1st Paul Young (15) 39pts

2nd Allan Hanlon (13) 36pts

3rd Kevin Blake (9) 36pts

4th Walter O’Keefe (14) 35pts

5th Erik Donnestad (5) 35pts

Division 2 (16+)

1st Murray Frost (34) 42pts

2nd Mike Korney (19) 42pts

3rd Wilf Wellman (30) 38pts

4th Markku Tynell (23) 37pts

5th Phil Stevenson (25) 35pts

Back to two full divisions and almost three for the visit to the continually improving Crystal Bay, where there has also been a lot of work put in both on and off the course, with the shower facilities particularly better than in the past, and the greens, while still nowhere near their old glory days, much improved.

This is certainly one of the courses that will feature regularly on the low season schedules as it continues to offer great value for both the regular local and holiday golfer.

Paul Young at last won again after some time in the wilderness as he improved to finish at three under handicap and return his best ever score with the group.  Allan Hanlon, who can usually be relied on to be there or there abouts, showed up in second place as he won a count back over the almost resurgent Kevin Blake with a better 19 to 18, which left Walter O’Keefe in fourth after he had also won a count back against Erik Donnestad with a 19 to 17 result.

The second division was led in once again by Murray Frost as he went one better than his previous best score to ensure that he will be playing at a handicap some six strokes lower following two outstanding scores and the application of the ERS special reduction.

The most surprised man of the day had to be Mike Korney, as he also scored 42 points but then lost the ensuing count back by a single point after covering the front nine in five under handicap and then just failed to keep up the momentum and had to settle for a stunning second place.

Wilf Wellman was yet another Haven golfer in the week to taste success for the very first time as he took his first podium placement and a handicap reduction in third place after having previously never seen his handicap reduce even once in over nine years of playing with the group.  Could this signal the beginning of a whole new approach to the game?  Markku Tynell got his first mention of the week in fourth spot after he returned a lower than handicap round.

There were no 2’s in the second division but Allan Hanlon and Trevor Schirmer shared the first division rollover pool.

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