Murphy makes hay with 40-pointer


PSC golf from the Three Sisters Bar

How the mighty have fallen – from a 43 last week to a 27 this week!  Paul Kraft didn’t do too well today this 7th of March in our first outing of the month with a potential for only three more meetings at the Pattaya Country Club.  PCC will close 9 holes effective 1 April.  Considering the pathetic condition of the greens, this was long overdue.  In a rating system of 1 to 10, with 10 being the lowest, the greens are ranked 28.

Some of the players managed to get through the “greens” hazards as Rich Murphy came in with 40 points followed by Larry Emerson with 38.  Overall the scores were lower but none lower than the 17 carded by an individual whose name shall not be divulged, particularly since he writes this item.

Herbie came through with the usual chips, peanuts & pretzels as well as entrees of outstanding sliced beef and pork.  Of course, this being Makha Bucha Day, only non-alcoholic beverages were available at Caddy Shack II (snicker, snicker).  Rumor has it that the Three Sisters group will likely move their venue to Plutalung once PCC starts their repair work.