Mug Man Patrick Poussier yet again

(L to R) Alex Field, Monthly Mug winner Patrick Poussier, and Peter Bye.
(L to R) Alex Field, Monthly Mug winner Patrick Poussier, and Peter Bye.

PSC Growling Swan Golf played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.”

October Monthly Mug
31 October
King’s Naga G.C.
Stroke Event

It was “The Mug Man Patrick Poussier” yet again taking out the Mug.
Sixteen turned out to have a crack of winning the Prestigious Growling Swan Monthly Mug. Not a bad number considering what we have been getting.

Well it was off to King’s Naga for the today’s event, two buses and a couple of cars got us out there to take this course on for the October Monthly Mug. The course was in good nic, although once you left the fairway (in most instances) you were in the long grass and/or in a worse situation. As a decent golfer said to a couple of golfers who were discussing the rough, “You are supposed to stay on the fairway therefore you will have zero to complain about.”

Folks be aware that that stupid time of the year that the idiots refer to as high season is upon us. If you have not been privy to some of the pricing getting about well you are in for a shock. Please remember that pricing is out of our hands.

I turned out today for a hit and a bit of a walk (exercise), I wasn’t aware that there was so much to do on the golf course. In my 4 we had the opportunity to do some bush walking, mountain climbing, play hide and seek, and all of this was thanks to Casa and his wayward drives. Seriously I had an enjoyable day thanks to the guys that I played with.

Sixteen golfers allowed us to play just the one flight, with three placing’s and all novelties up for grabs.

It was that man again, always shining on Monthly Mug Day’s, Patrick Poussier. His return of net 66 was three shots ahead of his rivals. In speaking to the group he played very well and could have ended up with net 60. Second past the post was Peter Bye entering the winners circle for the first time in a while. Third home and filling the last place on the podium was Alex Field.

1st Patrick Poussier (25) net 66
2nd Peter Bye (15) net 69
3rd Alex Field (17) net 71

Near the pins: 5. Steve Younger, 7. Peter Bye, 12. Keith Buchanan, & 16. Steve Younger.
Long first putt:

9. Mark Rossiter and 18. Mark Rossiter. Beat Steve younger on both occasions!
Back at Bogey’s we had welcomed back Bernie McCart, Mark Rossiter, Wes Rado, JJ Harney, JC Lhoste and the Judge Eric Black. Again no farewells, great!

D-For was set free by Alex and the punters and players at Bogeys Bar and Grill were generous as always with their contributions towards the needy in Pattaya. All are thanked for this.