Missler swinging in the rain


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, June 4, Eastern Star – Stableford

A public holiday today and we had a reasonable turnout today considering half of our guys have gone home for a 1/2 month break.  There were six groups out and there were a few three and four-balls spread throughout the course as we ventured round.

There was a fresh breeze coming off the coast and this reflected in the scores.  In his last game with us before his return to the UK for six months, Alan Pilkington won division 1 with 34 points, while in the frame again Chris Voller took second after beating Mikael Andersson on a 19/17 back nine count back, both coming in with 33 points each.

Mike Missler and Joe Kubon - winners on Friday at Eastern Star. Mike Missler and Joe Kubon – winners on Friday at Eastern Star.

The cut today was 5-16 and 17 plus and Brian Blackford, playing his last few games with us before his re-location to Issan, won division 2 with 32 points after beating the new recruit Ken Miller on a 20/15 back nine count back.  Joe Kubon, now recovering from his operation, was third with 30 points.

In the ‘2’s today, playing off nine still, Ian Speirs shot one on the 17th to three feet from the pin and earned himself the prize in division 1, while there was a rollover in division 2.

Near pins went to Mike Missler, Ian Speirs, Chris Voller, Brian Blackford, Peter Davies and Fred Temminck.

Friday, June 8,Eastern Star – Stableford

As we headed towards the Rayong coast the skies were very dark and dismal in the distance and the 331 road was heavily covered in rain and the feeling was there would be no game today.  As we approached Easter Star we assembled on the first tee and the clouds were dispersing slightly and we thought it might be ok.  There were four ‘no goes’ overnight so we had only five four-balls out today.

The cut was 7-16 in division 1 and 17+ in division 2 and the best score of the day was in division 1 with Mike Missler winning with 40 points.  Mikael Andersson took second with 37 and Chris Voller came in third on 36.

After months in the doldrums and now with a minor disability, Joe Kubon bounced back to winning ways with victory in division 2 and 36 points.  Ronney Howett claimed second five points behind and Peter Davies beat Iain Walsh on a 19/15 back nine count back for third after they both came in with 30 points.

As we were here on Monday, the rollover kitty sponsored a 36-hole competition for two divisions for a fun prize and Mike Missler won in division 1 with a 32 and 40, with Mikael Andersson second with 70 points.  Rod Howett was second in division 2 with 57 and the winner Joe Kubon scored of 30 and 36 to finish with 66 points.

In the ‘2’s a rollover from last Friday in division 2 plus Mondays game here and today makes for an interesting game on the 15th June while in division 1 in the frame again Mike Missler birdied the 17th, and his other half Faa was smiling at the presentation as she is now having a driving range lesson every day and will be joining us soon.

Near pins went to Mikael Andersson, Grant Cadell, Arthur Hancock, Mike Missler, Peter Davies and Bryan Priestley.

Another four Bon Voyages this week to our regulars Alan Pilkington, Pete Sumner, Kari Kuparinen and David Taylor.