‘Michelle’ strikes it rich again


The Backyard Golf Society

It was another enjoyable day for the Backyard Golfers at Emerald last Friday.  13 players out so the newly appointed game-organizer, ‘Michelle’ Chatt, had the task of setting up the groups this time.  Whatever method he used it worked as ‘Michelle’ himself (yes, our Michelle is in fact a bloke named Mike, a former London firefighter and taxi driver) won the stableford with just 34 points, 1 ahead of The Quiet Man.

The blustery wind on the front nine played havoc with most players and accounts for the low winning total.  Near-pin on this occasion went to Kit.  There were 6 skins rolled over from the previous week’s event and Don ‘the Divorcer’ won those with a birdie on the first hole.  The other skins went to ‘Michelle’ with a great total of 10, with 3 to Tel, 2 to The Quiet Man, 1 each to Kit and ‘The Divorcer’, with the remaining one rolled over to next week’s game.

Mike ‘Michelle’ Chatt (center rear) poses with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.Mike ‘Michelle’ Chatt (center rear) poses with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

‘Second Hand’ Bob continues to pursue the society record for the most blobs in a round with 11 again this week.  On current form Bob may soon threaten Dangle’s long-standing record of 14.  Hard to believe anyone can fail to register on 14 out of 18 holes but that was the achievement from a couple of years back.

Down the road then for the traditional post-game beverage consumption session where ‘Michelle’ was glad to buy a round with the day’s big win.  There were a couple of absentees today as Irish John nursed a sore hand gained in a close encounter of the car window kind and the society’s only officially registered groupie, Army John (aka John #2, # 3, #4, #5 and #6), was on suicide-watch with his Taffy mate who found on his return to the Land of Smiles that he was no longer #1 in his condo either.

We look forward to our next outing on Friday with Russell ‘The Victorian’ Benson returning from the wilds of West Africa and Darren “I can’t get enough of Pattaya” dropping in from wet old Ireland.  We will however be saying bon voyage to Tony “Food your Doos” Cowe who is scheduled to depart to the Sand Box in Saudi.