Michael Brett plays steady, wins back-to-back Golfer of the Month

Michael Brett, May golfer of the month.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf
Monday, May 31st
Greenwood Golf Club A & B

1st Geoff Parker (20) 40 points
2nd Tony Robbins (21) 37 points
3rd Paul Smith (2) 36 points
Near pins Geoff Parker, Paul Smith, & Michael Brett.

The last game of May was played at Greenwood on the A & B nines in bright sunshine. A few clouds rolled overhead during the day but it never looked like rain.

The course was in nice condition, fairways were recently mown and the bunkers were just about the best of any course we’ve played recently. The greens, however, were in need of mowing and much too slow for most people’s liking.

The recent trend of good scores continued again today with Geoff Parker back to his best taking first place with a well compiled forty points. Surely now he will get a touch to his handicap which is well above where it ought to be for a player of his ability.

In a rich vein of form recently, Tony Robbins took second place with thirty-seven points, one ahead of Paul Smith on thirty-six. It’s very hard to get above thirty-six off a handicap of two, particularly as Paul had an uncharacteristically bad day with the putter.

Three near pins went to Geoff Parker, Paul Smith, and Michael Brett, all in the same group. The only one to miss out was Jimmy Carr.

As always on the last game of the month, it was time to find the golfer of the month. In the first week, Jimmy Carr posted a forty-pointer and looked like he might go on with it, alas that was his best score. Throughout the month Michael Brett played steady if unspectacular golf to go into the last week with a reasonable lead. Some very good scores from Kob Glover, Geoff Parker, and the fast charging Tony Robbin meant that everything tightened up going into the last day.

As it turned out Michael had a Barry Crocker, not helped by a cut in his handicap on the last day and didn’t add to his score while Tony looked to have it all wrapped up only to falter on the closing holes scoring only one point on the last two holes to gift it to Michael by the narrowest of margins making it the first back to back of the year.

Geoff Atwell, forty-two points at Pattaya Country Club.

Wednesday, June 2nd
Pattaya Golf & Country Club

1st Geoff Atwell (21) 42 points
2nd Tony Robbins (21) 39 points
3rd Dave Ashman (26) 38 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Bob Paine, & Michael Brett.

The first game of a new month was at Pattaya Country Club on an extremely hot humid day. The skies were bright and clear at the start of play with little prospect of rain; however, by the closing holes thunder and lightning were in the air and the rain not far away. Luckily it stayed away long enough for us to complete the round.

A field of twelve enjoyed the course which was in superb condition, no complaints about greens or bunkers, even the caddies were generally top quality. The fees are, however, edging up to the high side with an all-in fee of thirteen hundred and eighty baht, which is more than any other course on our roster during this Covid period.

More of the same as the high scoring of recent weeks continued again Wednesday. In the last six games there was only one winning score under forty points and that was a thirty-nine, good scoring indeed.

On Wednesday, Geoff Atwell blew everybody away with a magnificent forty-two points despite wiping one hole. Very solid golf, it seemed like he couldn’t miss a putt from any distance.

Once again Tony Robbins was in the frame with a solid thirty-nine points in second place. His last three scores were thirty-seven, thirty-nine, and forty points so his handicap should soon be far more realistic.

Dave Ashman rounded out the winner’s list with thirty-eight points. It should be noted that all three in the winner’s circle had a handicap above twenty, food for thought as recently the winner’s circle has been dominated by the high handicap golfers.

Three near pins were taken going to Bob Paine, Paul Smith, and Michael Brett.

Geoff Cox, forty-two points at Pattaya.

Friday, June 4th
Pattana Golf Club & Resort A & B (Yellow Tees)

1st Geoff Cox (18) 42 points
2nd Paul Smith (2) 41 points
3rd Tony Robbins (20) 38 points
Near pins Steve Durey, Geoff Cox, & Les Cobban X 2.

A field of thirteen for the last game of the week at Pattana where we were allocated the A & B nines. The course was in fine condition but yet again the greens were a major disappointment; very slow and bumpy and in need of mowing. On several greens, there were small tufts of grass that stood up above the rest of the green making any ball that struck them deviate offline. A simple remedy would simply be to mow the greens properly.

An all-in fee of eleven hundred baht meant that we have two games on this month’s roster at Pattana. Hopefully, the greens will be in better condition for our last game of the month as Pattana is a favorite course of many of the group.

Thunder and lightning were never far away and looked like they might interfere with the game. Luckily, both and rain stayed away and we completed the round dry.

The remarkable run of high scores continued again Friday. Paul Smith shot three under the card which was only good enough to take second place. In one of his rare appearances, Geoff Cox excelled with forty-two points to take first place.

Tony Robbins was in the mix again for the third time this week with thirty-eight points to take third place. That was consecutive rounds of thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine and forty points, very consistent indeed.

Les Cobban looked like he was going to take all the near pins today, but managed to hang on to two with the others going to Steve Durey and Geoff Cox.