McGarvie takes the win at Pleasant Valley


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, May 8, Bangpra – Stableford

We had not been to Bangpra for some time, but with the low season in we managed to get a good rate.  So on a day when it was really overcast and as we went up there we were constantly deluged with torrential rain and arrived at the course to find players as usual waiting to see if we were to play.  Bangpra has a ‘No Rain check’ policy, so why not see how the weather turns out.  

Still ‘faint heart never won fair lady’ so book in and get away.  Mind, we were told no carts on the fairway but as you could go in the rough you could zip around to the other side.

Friday’s first four with one of Bert’s finest.Friday’s first four with one of Bert’s finest.

The course was as expected soaking wet, however ‘lift, clean and place’ ensured the ball remained mud free, and despite water laying everywhere we all enjoyed the round.

The rain continued for some time before slowing down and finally stopping.  The fairways were in good condition and the greens despite being wet, still had a certain speed to them.  While not being the fast ones they usually are, the greens never the less proved to be quite tricky.  The tees on the par 3’s were also set back and as such were most difficult, even to the degree that despite many single handicappers playing, one green was not hit.  Still, with the course relatively empty we, the first group, zipped around and were even let through by the group ahead, but then the rest were a bit behind.

Keith Phillips. Keith Phillips.

Soon finished it was into the excellent changing facilities which are as good as anywhere, then upstairs to the restaurant where in addition to the ‘Rainbow Ice cream’ you also have an excellent view.  This is a good place to chill out before you embark on the trip back.  This proved quite pleasant as the rain had gone away.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time to get into the presentation and on this day we had decided to have a couple of long putts as some of our players could not get over the water at any of the par 3’s.  The winner on the day was Mike Gaussa with 40 points ahead of Max Scott with 38 points.  In third we had a count back on 34 points that saw Mike O’Brien in third and Bob Watson in fourth.  In fifth we had Derek Brook with 31 points just sneaking into the frame.

One good point was that putting on two long putts allowed one of our long term players, Keith Phillips, to finally prove he could putt.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Mike Gaussa, Barry Elphick, Brian Cooper

Long Putt:  Bob Watson

Friday, May 11, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

The test for the day was to be a Pleasant Valley that in the last few years has shown constant improvement, would that continue?  On this day we had a good turnout considering the weather has been dodgy of late and some players were absent due to playing the day before.  The spirit may be willing but as we get older the body tells you to take a day off.

So after a Tropical Bert’s breakfast it was into cars and a quick run down to the course, a quick book in and onto the first tee where we were soon off.  The course was in fine condition and it seems the rain of late has only been kind to it.  The fairways were in good condition and the greens were fast and true.

It was soon through the showers, a quick bite to eat for some, then into cars for the trip back where we arrived early as we had got around the course so well.  Then it was into the presentation where the scores proved quite average for this course and we waited to see if Mashi’s front nine of 21 points had provided him with another win.

Well, the winner with 37 points was Bill McGarvie.  It was nice to see him in the places as we always find that players take a lot to live up to their home handicap and he has been struggling.  In second was that improving golfer Mike Gaussa with 37 points.  Keep it up and he may even become a single handicapper.  In third was David Nicholson with 34 points and in fourth with 33 points was Henry O’Brien on count back over Alan Sullivan.  Mashi failed on the back nine with 9 points, nice to see he is human.

Presentation over we had a few cold ones and as golfers do told the story of the ‘If only and what ifs’.

Near Pins:  Bob Watson, Henry O’Brien, David Nicholson, Brian Parish