McDonald the class act at St. Andrews


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, April 23, Burapha – Stableford

Just about the only golfers at Burapha today were there for Ivan Plunkett’s Birthday Bash; 33 Outbackers were joined by another 16 or so from Lewiinski’s to celebrate the day on the A & B nines from the blues.

We were able to start ahead of the allocated slot of 10 a.m. which caught many on the hop and Capt’ Steve had to hastily improvise the start sheet to get everyone away without too much of a delay, as some people had left it a little late to arrive; even our stand-in driver for the day, was well on his way to Khao Kheow!

The course lacked some care and was very scruffy in places, particularly very close to some of the greens where the grass inexplicably had not been cut, then another patch adjacent to it, where it had.  It was hardly fair on the errant ball that just missed the green to be sitting in six inch long grass; otherwise the greens, although true, were bone hard making the ball difficult to stop.

The scoring was generally low, with 37pts from Paul Hack being the best score of the day to win Div C. with Terry Phur (36) taking second and Suzi (35) getting third on count back from Jon Kittilsen.  A pair of 36’s won Div B & Div D, from Tore Elliason and Peter Wallace respectively whilst, course specialist, Jim Brackett won the premier division with 35 from Paul Greenaway on 34.

There were only two ‘2’s from Mark Wood and Mike Jeffries.

Div A (0-11)

1st Jim Brackett (6) 35pts

2nd Paul Greenaway (10) 34pts

3rd Paul Bourke (9) 33pts

4th Dennis Pelly (11) 33pts

Div B (12-16)

1st Tore Eliassen (15) 36pts

2nd Colin Davis (16) 34pts

3rd Mick Leighton (14) 33pts

4th Lindsay Semple (14) 33pts

Div C (17-19)

1st Paul Hack (18) 37pts

2nd Terry Phur (17) 36pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (19) 35pts

4th Jon Kittilsen (19) 35pts

Div D (20+)

1st Peter Wallace (20) 36pts

2nd Sean Soden (23) 35pts

3rd Graham Woollett (21) 35pts

4th Brian Maddox (21) 33pts

Tuesday, April 24, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

14 members made it out to Pattaya today playing the front nine twice from the whites and blues.  Due to the difference between the tees the two ladies (only having red) had their own competition, which was won by Seesa, aka Mam Persson.

In the main competition some good scoring saw Dennis Persson winning with 38 points, closely followed by the ever improving Terry Marney with 37.

We say goodbye to John Kittilsen and Ke Persson who are both going home for the summer, see you both in October.

There were two ‘2’s from Seesa and Alan Whittingham.

1st Seesa Phompinmon (26) 38pts

2nd Dennis Persson (17) 38pts

3rd Terry Marney (28) 37pts

Tuesday, April 24, Laem Chabang – Stableford

11 Outbackers went back to Laem Chabang for the first time in nearly two years on their Sports Day and the course was heavily booked for the day.

Laem Chabang is in the process of upgrading the fairways and have completed C course and are currently working on the B course and you can certainly see the difference in the quality of the grass between C and A.  The fairways and rough on C have body and are great to play off and out of; whereas with A the ball tends to sit down, especially in the rough and you play off sand rather than grass but in saying that the course was still presented in great shape and the bunkers were consistent throughout.

The weather was kind and even though we copped a couple of sprinkles of rain to start and thunderstorms threatened, they both stayed away and we completed our round in just over 4 hours.

Welcome to new members Steve Newlan, Robert Lim, Peter Yong, Yves Moutier and Les Brown.

The winner for the day was Paul Greenaway with a great score of 39 points off his 10 handicap, from Steve Milne with 35 points on his 16 handicap who beat Bob St Aubin on a 15 handicap on a count back.

There were two ‘2’s for the day to Peter Yong on hole 11 and Ron Dickie on hole 16.

With the exception of next Tuesday (1st May) which is Labour Day, the Outback will have a regular slot every Tuesday at Laem Chabang throughout the Low Season.  We will also be at Siam Plantation nearly every Wednesday starting on 2nd May.

1st Paul Greenaway (10) 39pts

2nd Steve Milne (16) 35pts

3rd Bob St. Aubin (15) 35pts

Wednesday, April 25, Phoenix – Stableford

The 13 Outbackers who to went to Phoenix today, played Mountain and Lake off the white markers, were disappointed that the course was not up to its usual standard.  The course has recently undergone some serious maintenance and the greens were very bumpy and slow; the fairways were good but some were not cut, and overall the course was ‘below par’ but this is the time that most courses undergo their usual repairs etc.

Otherwise a good day with some good scoring as the course played quite short, with four players playing to their handicap or better.  Winner for the day was Capt’ Steve with 38 points off his 10 handicap from John O’Keefe (17) with 37, who beat Suzi Lawton (19) count back with Rosco (14) taking fourth place with 36.

Despite the greens, there were three ‘2’s for the day, from Rosco, (8th), John O’Keefe (11th) and Chris Davisson (16th).

1st Steve Mann (10) 38pts

2nd John O’Keefe (17) 37pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (19) 37pts

Friday, April 27, St. Andrews – Stableford

There were 24 Outbackers today playing at St Andrews due to Green Valley having a competition.  Our new monthly medal, due to start today was postponed until the end of May at Green Valley as we reckoned St. Andrews is a bit too tough for a medal comp.

With a slight breeze blowing it made a pleasant change from the hot and humid weather we have experienced over the past weeks.  The course played fine with the fairways and greens in good conditions and the bunkers seemed to have had more sand in them than normal.

We would like to say safe journey to Steve Giles and John Lawton and see them on their next trip.  Bon voyage boys.

Mark McDonald had the round of the day with a two over par gross 76 for 37pts and the Div A win and was matched for points by Suzi, also with 37 and the Div B win.  Good rounds were also recorded by Capt’ Steve (36), Ron Dickie (36), Paul Bourke (35), Dennis Pelly (35) and Steve Milne (35).

There was only one ‘2’ from Paul Bourke on the 10th.

Div A (0-14)

1st Mark McDonald (3) 37pts

2nd Steve Mann (9) 36pts

3rd Ron Dickie (8) 36pts

4th Paul Bourke (9) 35pts

Div B (15+)

1st Suzi Lawton (19) 37pts

2nd Steve Milne (16) 35pts

3rd Ricky Poe (29) 33pts

4th Martin Kingswood (15) 31pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or call Jack on 087 941 2474.