Max tops the podium at Mountain Shadow


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, July 3, Khao Kheow – Stableford

It was going to rain, the sky was dark as I went down to Bert’s and it was only a matter of time.  So we all had a cup of coffee and jumped in cars and wended our way down to Khao Kheow, and all the time the rain spots were seen on the windscreen, mind quite light.

A quick book-in saw us all at the first tee, and we started the test for the day which was to be the C & A Nines.  Of course the caddies all elected to start with the rain covers on the bags and we got away under rainy skies and a mild drizzle.

Friday’s top three.Friday’s top three.

The course was really quite empty, so we were able to get off and move at a fair pace.  Kkao Kheow was in its normal good condition and with all the rain about we were still allowed to use the fairways for buggies but had to be careful as it was a bit wet in some places.  However, the fairways were generally quite dry, the rough tricky and the greens fast and true – all in all a fair test.

Talking of the rain, the drizzle got quite heavy for a while, then it cleared so the caddies took the covers off the top of the bags, then of course it rained again, but only for a short time, then it cleared again.  It went on like that for the afternoon.  The temperature varied from hot and humid, to a bit cool.

Soon around, it was time for a nice cool shower, then into the restaurant where we could watch the rest of the groups finish their round.  Surprisingly the heavens had not opened but it was still very dull and threatening.  Then it was time to climb back into the cars and nip back down Route 7 to Tropical Bert’s.  We were back quite early and so could relax with a cold one until the clans gathered.

When it came time for the results, it was seen that it was Khao Kheow 23, Tropical Bert’s 0 with one drawn.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Mike O’Brien with 36 points ahead of Mashi Kaneta with 34 points on count back over Alan Sullivan in third.

In the B Flight the winner was Henry Wong with 33 points on count back over Dick Warberg in second.  We had a three-way count back for third on 32 points that saw Steve Compton in third with Neil Shaw and Tom Cotton just losing out.

Then it poured down, and became really dark, and it just did not stop raining for hours and hours.  So the wife drove around and picked me up, good job because with it raining for so long we had nowhere to go and nothing to do but enjoy Tropical Bert’s happy hour!

Near Pins:  Brian Parish, Derek Brook, David Hutchinson, Walter Baechli

Long Putt:  David Hutchinson, Tom Cotton

Friday, July 6, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

This is a course that mere mortals find very difficult, especially playing off the blue tees.  On this day we had a good turnout and with the Aussie contingent turning up with their own mini bus we were soon on our way down there.

The Aussie contingent are at the moment very strong, with three very low handicappers, however it is a pleasure to play with them, to at least see how the game should be played.  However once in a while one of our other good golfers plays well and is dragged upwards.  You need to play with better golfers to improve, or so I have been told.  Probably by a better golfer as he crushed me.

At the course it was soon book in and onto the first tee.  We played the good golfers in the last group so they could pick up the near pins as they put their names on them.  So on the tee and off we went into a strong wind.  First ball I hit went into a tree on the left and was not found, so my day was set as the drives on the next two holes finished right behind a tree.  Still some must be playing well, but not in my four-ball.

The course was not in bad condition, but the fairways were a little hard and the greens also were hard and tricky.  With the wind blowing, a lot of time was spent in the trees and I thought that as is usual, the scores would be worse than normal.

Soon in, I have to report that for some reasons the towels were a bit fluffier, whether the ones they had for the last ten years have given up the ghost we shall find out on the next visit, however it was a nice surprise.  The showers themselves were under renovation, and hot water was hard to find but you cannot be lucky in all areas. We shall see the showers when we go back.  So into the little room they keep with air conditioning, and very good as we were all perspiring a lot.  The food was not bad and the price reasonable.

So back to Bert’s where with all soon back, we were able to get on with the presentation.  With only one flight we were able to see how the better golfers were able to handle a course such as this, so much better.

The winner with 38 points (Hcp 5 and gross 74) was Max Scott, with a count back on 37 points that saw Alan Sullivan in second (Hcp 12 and gross 83) with Bob Watson in third (Hcp 3 and gross 74).  In fourth was David Hutchison with 36 points (Hcp 0 and gross 72), then we returned to reality with Graham Buckingham in fifth with 33 points and a gross that we do not mention.  So high class for some and a struggle for the rest.

It was then time for a few cold un’s while some decided to go to the driving range in the morning.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Max Scott (2), Graham Buckingham, Brian Parish