Mashi & Graham win numbers game


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, November 13, Treasure Hill – Stableford

It seems good things are happening at this golf course, and it seems that every time we go there new trees have been planted – usually in places we put our ball.  However, we have started to use it a little more and went on this day despite the fact that rumours said there was a lot of G.U.R on the course.

So it was into the cars and off.  I went with Mashi, and realised as we went down Sukhumwit something was not quite correct.  So having realised we were not going to Crystal Bay, we went a Mashi way to Treasure Hills.  It really is nice to see the countryside, however we were not the last to arrive.

Mashi Kaneta, Graham Buckingham and Steve Compton with one of Bert’s ‘finest’. Mashi Kaneta, Graham Buckingham and Steve Compton with one of Bert’s ‘finest’.

Onto the first tee, and I realised we had 7 groups, so away we went fast, as the course was nice and quiet.  And it was as expected, with G.U.R. on practically every hole, but it is growing in and was playable in places.  The ground was a bit soft but carts were allowed on the fairways, mind a fair bit of mud was on the balls.  The greens were a bit hairy and as usual fast downhill and slow up.  We did however move along quite well, until finally we were in the changing room and into the showers.  Here we learnt how ‘Lobster Thermidor’ is made, as contrary to the normal where we only get cold water, we only got hot.  Never seen so many red golfers!

The restaurant here is usually quite good, but I suppose a restaurant is only as good as the cook you have in on the day.

Back at Bert’s it was soon into the presentation.  In the A Flight, 0 to 20, we had a three-way count back on 34 points that saw Mashi Kaneta win and the scribe, Derek Brook, in second, with Bob Watson in third.  Bob has not been well of late, but all watch out once he is firing on all cylinders, the sparks will fly.

In the B Flight we also had a count back for the winner on 36 points that saw Graham Buckingham win with Steve Compton in second.  A count back for third on 33 points saw Tom Cotton in third and Barry Oats just losing out.  As we tend to do it was then time to put the world to rights.  So we did.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Barry Oats, Mike Gaussa, John Hackett, Mike O’Brien

Long Putt:  Joel Flor, Brian Gabe.