Martin Patch wins on countback

Winner C flight Martin Patch with Gordon Laviolette (L) and Pierre Cere (R).

PSC Pattaya Links Golf Society

Friday, Jan.10
Eastern Star

This course is never known to allow big scores and today from our 51 players, only four played to handicap or better.


The C flight produced two of the top scores, 40 points, and had to go to a countback to decide the winner of the Green Jacket. Unfortunately, only one can win and it was Martin Patch, in his first game for a long time, holding out against a great game from Mr. Consistent, Stuart Kidd.

Thorsten Jodehl has not replicated his 49 points from a couple weeks ago but did score 33 points to take third place.

B flight also went to countback with two scores of 37 points where Maurice Roberts just nudged Anne Stokes from top spot. Billy Buchanan is fairly steady and made 34 points for third place.

On the day, A flight was somewhat of a lack luster affair where the winning score was just 34 points, which gave Bob Stokes the win in that flight, but a win is a win, Bob.

Another countback, this time for second and third, gave newcomer to Links, Vic Hansen, a narrow win over that top golfer, Paul Smith, both scoring 32 points.

Plenty of novelty prizes out there and all were claimed.
Near Pins A flight: Michael Lohse, Billy Buchanan, Mike Ehlert, Vic Hansen
Near Pins B flight: Stuart Kidd (x2), Berndt Motzenbacher, John Masters
Long Putt: Jamie Booterbaugh.

A Flight (0-14)

1st Place – Bob Stokes (12) – 34pts
2nd Place – Vic Hansen (10) – 32 pts c/back
3rd Place – Paul Smith (3) – 32 pts

B Flight (15-16)

1st Place – Maurice Roberts (15) – 37 pts c/back
2nd Place – Anne Stokes (15) – 37 pts
3rd Place – Billy Buchanan (15) – 34 pts

C Flight (17+)

1st Place – Martin Patch (17) – 40 pts c/back
2nd Place – Stuart Kidd (17) – 40 pts
3rd Place – Thorsten Jodehl (17) – 33 pts
Best Front Nine C (non-winners) Ahmed Tavir 17 pts
Best Back Nine A (non-winners) David DeCaminada 18 pts

Gordon Laviolette completed the hat trick of ‘wigs’ by once again having the low score.

Will Brown was called to the tee and wandered over minus clubs, caddie or cart. The lady marshal ferried him back to get his gear. That should have got the ‘silly hat’, but Phil decided that there was too much going on, so instead, Pierre Cere got it for his 7 points on the front nine.