Latham signs off with win at Eastern Star


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Wednesday, March 7, Eastern Star – Stableford

A public holiday today so for obvious reasons we came to Eastern Star to play in three divisions for the men and one for the ladies, with an additional 36 hole better-ball competition today and Friday for each two person team with no handicap restrictions. We had 11 groups out with the cut at 7-15, 16-18 and 19+, plus 6 ladies of course.

The greens here at Eastern Star vary each week and there has been no explanation at all from the management, so who knows what’s going on.

Friday’s division 3 winners: Paul Chabot, Ian Plummer and Rodney Howett. Friday’s division 3 winners: Paul Chabot, Ian Plummer and Rodney Howett.

Marty Rock recorded the best score in all four groups, winning division 1 with 40 points.  The Scots lad Dennis Scougal beat Wilf Latham on a 16/15 back 6 count back for second after they both scored 22 on the back nine and 39 points overall.

Frank Kelly won division 2 with 34 points ahead of Harry Riley in second place who beat Mathew Bley 16/12 on the back six after they both shot 32 points.

Ian Plummer topped division 3 with 37 points, Russell Benson was second three points behind, and Willy van Heetveld took third with 31.

A 19/19 on the back nine and a 16/12 on the back six saw Miss Nut smiling as she beat Toi Blair, both coming in with 37 points.

Near pins went to

Noi Emmerson, Pranee Bosset, Miss Nut, Ron Miller, Marty Rock, Dennis Scougal, Harry Vincenzi, Russell Benson, Mathew Bley and Jim Connelly.

Ya Riley birdied the 17th for the only ‘2’ in division 1 and Russell Benson the 6th in division 2.

After 18 holes the top six scores in the two person better-ball were Matthew Bley/Ian Plummer 47, Frank Kelly/Marty rock 45, Harry and Ya Riley 43, Chris Voller/Mikael Andersson, Don and Nut Head, Darryl and Toi Blair and Bill Bertram/Wilf Latham all with 42 points.

Friday, March 9, Eastern Star – Stableford

There were 44 players out today with the same equal cut as Wednesday.  Thirty none points won division 1 for Mikael Andersson, Ron Miller was second with 36 and Bill Bertram took third on 35.

In his last game with us for around three months, Wilf Latham scored 38 points to win division 2 ahead of Frank Kelly in second one point behind, and the newly returned Neil Gamble beat Mathew Bley 17/13 on count back for third after the both scored 34.

Another count back in the ladies division saw Noi Emmerson pip Toi Blair 14/13 on the back six after they both scored 37 for the round.

Ian Plummer’s 37 topped the division 3 scores, Paul Chabot without his mask was second with 35 and Rodney Howett filled the podium with 34.

Near pins were claimed by Toi Blair, Pranee Bosset, Noi Emmerson, Bill Bertram, Georges Cullen, Georges Faber, Jerry MaCarthy, Mathew Bley, Neil Gamble, Harry Riley and Frank Sharkey.

Bill Bertram scored a ‘2’ on the 13th in division 1and Rod Howett the 3rd in division 2 to take the respective pots.

Technical prizes went to the following:

4th Hole – Nearest the pin in 3 shots: (Ladies) Pranee bosset; (Div 1) Neville Scurell; (Div 2) Bryan Rought; (Div 3) Paul Chabot.

8th Hole – Nearest the pin in 3 shots: (Ladies) Pranee Bosset; (Div 1) Mikael Andersson; (Div 2) Wilf Latham; (Div 3) Willy Van Heetvelde.

9th Hole – Straightest Drive: (Ladies) Miss Nut; (Div 1) Chris Voller; (Div 2) Rudi Schaefer; (Div 3) Jef Hamilton.

12th Hole – Nearest the pin in 2 shots: (Ladies) Virginia Dutson; (Div1) Mikael Andersson; (Div 2) Bryan Rought; (Div 3) Rod Howett

18th Hole – Longest Drive: (Ladies) Toi Blair; (Div 1) Marty Rock; (Div 2) Wilf Latham: Div 3) Russell Benson

Forty four points today and 47 on Wednesday won Mathew Bley and Ian Plummer the 36 hole better-ball competition.  Don and Nut Head were second after beating Bill Bertram and Wilf latham on a 44/44 back 18 and 24/22 back nine count back after both pairings scored 86 points.

Note:  The date has now been set for our 16th annual trip to Hua Hin for Saturday 12th May with golf on the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  We are awaiting prices for the courses but these should filter in over the next week or so, but Black Mountain is on top of the list of course.