Larry takes it to the Max


PSC golf from The Golf Club Sports Bar

Monday, August 29, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Larry Maxey (19) 43pts

2nd Jim Dundon (15) 39pts

3rd Brad Gearie (13) 36pts

Just when your game is coming good, you have to get on a plane and head back home!  Such is the story of the top 3 golfers at Green Valley this week.  Funny how that works, but that’s the way it played out and it now gives the rest of us a chance at the glory.

In actual fact, Larry Maxey has had a good run (once he got his drives straightened out) and so deserves the top spot with a brilliant 43 points.  Nothing wrong with a 39 from Jim Dundon and I would take that score any day of the week.  Brad Gearie put it on auto-pilot for his steady 36 before he leaves on a jet plane, but then he does that 4 days a week, being a pilot.

Larry Maxey & Jim Dundon.Larry Maxey & Jim Dundon.

Green Valley is in great shape and will continue to be our Monday fixture for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, August 31, Phoenix – Stableford

1st Marlene Prudden (24) 42pts

2nd Mark Wood (10) 39pts

3rd Brad Gearie (14) 38pts

Chipping it close and sinking monster putts were on the menu for Marlene “Queenie” Prudden on this momentous day for her at Phoenix.  Under beautiful blue skies, Marlene posted  a great score to keep the lads in line and ended up at the top of the pack with an admirable 42 Stableford points.  With husband Brian to cheer her along, she easily dominated the field to win by 3 points on the day.  You go girl!

Mark Wood, Bob Newell & Brad Gearie.Mark Wood, Bob Newell & Brad Gearie.

Mark Wood turned in a 39 which should have been enough for a victory but not on this outing.  Brad Gearie once again took a podium spot with a steady 38 before heading off back home to Oz.  Well played to all and we will be back next month to Phoenix for sure.

Friday, Sept. 2, Eastern Star – Stableford

1st Bob Newell (8) 37pts

2nd Brad Gearie (14) 32pts

3rd Mark Wood (10) 3 pts

Setting off to Eastern Star on Friday it was cloudy with a bit of rain as we left, but the skies cleared for us yet again for a lovely day of golf.  We probably should have played preferred lies, but the buggy in the middle of the 1st fairway made it seem that if they were allowed on the course, it shouldn’t be that wet.  It was.  Eastern Star was chopped up pretty badly on many fairways and most of it was due to the carts driven by the caddies.  They had no clue as to the damage they were causing, and our objections were falling on deaf ears.

Marlene & Brian Prudden.Marlene & Brian Prudden.

This was the first time in 7 months we ventured out to the Robert Trent Jones Jr. course, a hefty 45 minutes drive down the road.  It was disappointing to see not much has changed and the staff are not treating her with the respect she deserves.  It is one thing for a course to get run down because of lack of funds, grass disease or severe weather, but to see it in this condition just because of negligence was shameful.  I know we have all complained about a mandatory cart path only policy or a 90 degree cart rule, but today was just the opposite and we all wanted to keep the carts on the path!

Anyway, off we went, muddy balls and all, to play a beautiful layout on a beautiful day.  Yes, it was the same conditions for all of us, but some handled it better than others.

For Bob Newell, it was his first day of “Bob’s Friday Golf” at The Golf Club and he showed the rest of us how to handle it.  With a 5 point difference over 2nd place, Bob’s 37 pints…I mean points… was an amazing standard for the day.  Well played mate.  Brad Gearie had a respectable 32 and Mark Wood had another round that was on the podium with 31 points.

Bob will be hosting the golf every Friday in September, so come out and join us for a fun day out.

Thanks to all for participating in this week’s fixtures, and don’t forget to check us out on  facebook /golfclubpattaya for updates and the September golf schedule.

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