Kit’s ace steals the show


The Backyard Golf Society

After many months of low numbers (and a lack of gossip to report on), the Backyard lads are back in print following last Friday’s bash at Emerald. Under warm and windy conditions and with the course mercifully still not overrun by the northern hordes, Kit “The Altrincham Alchemist” won the main stableford event. The highlight of his round was a hole-in-one at the par-3, 5th hole. Due the advanced age and limited vision of many of our players, no one actually saw the ball roll into the hole, so it was a pleasant (if not costly) surprise when the ball was located in the cup. His 7th ace he says, all pure skill no doubt!

Near-pin today went to John “The Diplomat” and he was also the biggest winner in the skins with 6. “Stitches” Morgan won 3, “Foos yer Doos” got 2 and there were singles to “The Quiet Man”, “The Alchemist” and Jimmy “The Turbine Terror”.

Several players were unavailable, with K. Wattathwat off to Oz for Christmas, Russell “He’s a Victorian” in darkest Africa after a 3 year break and no sign of either “The Biss” or “Beaker” Larsen for many months. Former player Mike Taxi was seen recently sporting another black eye (courtesy of a pavement jumping up at him as he waddled home from a bar) and with “The Stalker” also wearing a shiner they are like The Black Eyed peas at the moment.

It would be remiss not to mention Stitches regular caddy at Emerald, Odd. She is recuperating after somehow driving the golf buggy into a bunker on the 4th hole, a first for sure. No doubt some player will be coughing up some baht for that incident