‘Just Burgers’ and ‘Sunrise Tacos’ share the spoils


PSC Sunday Softball

Sunday August 12th saw 19 players come out to the best softball field in Asia at the Thai Polo Club for the weekly Pattaya Sports Club Softball games.  This week’s game featured a much needed component that had been missing from our game for a long time, an umpire!  A very big thank you goes out to Brian “T Rex” Gavagan who volunteered to umpire for the next few months while he sits out with an injury.  He did an outstanding job in his debut appearance behind the plate.

Our two super seniors were the stars of the day, George King of the Sunrise Tacos team played rock solid first base and hit a ball over the outfielder’s head.  George “Chicka” Smith a super senior on the Just Burgers team batted supremely well in his first softball game in his life.  Players and fans were treated to a Chicka’s signature celebratory moonwalk dance each time he reached base safely, which I must say was a sight to behold.  The chance of being able to see that again will be enough to bring me back next week.

George King rock solid at first base.George King rock solid at first base.

These two guys are both working on their 8th decade but approach the game with more enthusiasm and smiles than any other player on the field.  I must add they were both using the same cool amber beverage to lubricate their joints.

Sunrise Tacos prevailed over Just Burgers in the first game 12-8.  The commissioner called in and requested a livelier ball in the second game, which allowed some bigger hits and more runs.  Home runs by Tyler Best and first time player Alex  T. allowed Just Burgers to eke out a 16-13 win over Sunrise Tacos.

No sooner did the game end than the weather turned wet, many of the guys used this as an excuse to stop on the way home to wait out the rain, quench their thirst and make friends with the locals.

Jensen Chun delivers a pitch.Jensen Chun delivers a pitch.

PSC Softball is always looking for new players regardless of skill level, experience or time away from the game. We have players of all ages and many countries, who enjoy an afternoon of fun and exercise with a bunch of great guys.  We have some spare gloves and everything else you need, so come on out and check us out at the best softball field in Asia.

We play every Sunday at 12 noon to about 4 p.m. at the Thai Polo Club.  For more information check out the softball page at the PSC website www. pattayasports.org or call or email John Stockton at 089-932-5433 [email protected].