JJ wins narrowly at Emerald Golf Course


The Backyard Golf Society

As slight change to our weekly game this week as due to another public holiday on Friday we moved the game to Thursday.  Surprisingly we arrived at a busy golf course and with our two groups we got off at 9:20 a.m.

Slightly slower than a Friday but we all finished in just over four hours.  JJ and Neville were neck and neck all the way around the course with JJ finally coming in 1 point ahead on 38 points.

JJ revels in his victory outside Kisses Bar. JJ revels in his victory outside Kisses Bar.

JJ also took the nearest the pin prize with the skin results as follows: Andy Oz (10), A.N.other (4), Broken Wing (2), and Dan M (2).  Special mention to Andy Oz for the shot on the 13th which was the nearest anyone in the Backyard Golf Society has come to a hole-in-one since being formed last year.

Needless to say, part of the decision to play on Thursday was partially due to bars being shut on Friday so it was down the road for a few to finish the day off.