It’s all down to timing


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday, August 7, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bob Newell (8) 41 pts

2nd Jan Eriksen (13) 40 pts

3rd Jez Lees (16) 39 pts

Near pins: No 4 Yui Bietry, No 9 Colin Davis, No 12 Colin Davis, No 16 Brian Wilkinson

Who was it that said “timing is everything”? Well whoever it was, Bob ‘Seamless’ Newell was clearly not listening, as it takes a cleaver fellow to blow the wheels of his handicap with a blistering 41 points a week before the monthly medal. Of course there was no sign of it coming. His good play can be controlled no better than his bad play. The fact that he hadn’t won in a long time was reinforced by the fact that most people, except second placed Jan ‘The Quiet One’ Eriksen were actually happy for him.

Sunday’s winners Jez, Bob and Jan. Sunday’s winners Jez, Bob and Jan.

Playing alongside Bob were Jez ‘The Principal’ Lees and Brian ‘the unbalanced’ Wilkinson. Brian thought the bronze was his! That was until Jez was informed his handicap was 16 and not the 15 he had played off. This led to a count back decision that left Brian out in the cold. Brian’s ranting and ravings are unprintable.

Back at Lewiinski’s Bob made it a night to remember as he collected the Lewiinski’s snowball.

Tuesday, August 9, Emerald – Stableford

A Flight

1st Gerry Power (17) 45 pts

2nd Ed Wyckoff (10) 38 pts

3rd Leo Ruuskanen (18) 38 pts

Irishman Gerry Power had one of those days you remember for a long time again! As he went nine under his handicap, an event for a mid handicapper calculated to happen 1 in every 1138 rounds. Gerry does not have 1138 rounds on record with the society but it is certainly in excess of 500, and that made it easy for the lads to tip their hat to the man of the match. Gerry was seven clear of a tandem of Ed Wyckoff and Leo Ruuskanen. The scales tipping in Ed’s favour.

The Ladies Flight was just as dramatic as Sim ‘Card’ Davis with a more than useful 41 points was nine strokes clear of the red hot Yui.

Ian Halfpenny and the consistent Mike Jeffreys split the 2’s pot.

Wednesday, August 10, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st Peter Henshaw (16) 36 pts

2nd Jim Dundon (17) 32 pts

3rd Mike Jeffreys (16) 30 pts

The field is always a bit more modest on the second day of the society’s weekly back-to-back fixtures and this Wednesday was no exception. Peter ‘Don O’corleone’ Henshaw, arguably playing some of his best golf ever, carried on the good work as he was the only player to match his handicap. All this on a day when leaving your ball on the green above the hole was at best a disaster.

Peter’s excellent round was four shots ahead of second placed Jim Dundon and a further six ahead of Mike ‘The Welsh Wizard’ Jeffreys and Bob ‘the timing chains broken’ Newell. The resident monkeys were not to be outdone as they helped themselves to Bill Brochard’s pack up.

Peter made sure it was his day as he claimed the only 2 of the day and graciously rang the bell.

Friday, August 12, Rayong Country Club – Stableford

A Flight

1st Peter Henshaw (16) 40 pts

2nd John Feehan (16) 31 pts

3rd Mike Jeffreys (16) 31 pts

A case could be had that Gerry the ‘Irish Rovers’ mammoth 45 points on Tuesday and Peter Henshaw’s double victory in two days should put them in the title race, but the scribe hasn’t the bottle to change it seeing as to who I have already awarded it.

Peter Henshaw led a small but dedicated bunch home with a 40 point haul that will see his handicap dip even further. Peter was a massive nine strokes clear of John Feehan and Mike the welsh Wizard Jeffreys. The resulting count back dictated that they finish in that order.

John Feehan posted the day’s only 2.

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