Ishii flames the field with forty-two


PSC golf from The Three Sisters Bar

Another fine day at the Pattaya Country Club this past 13th of July with nice overcast conditions keeping the game cool.

Two foursomes went off beginning at 0630 and some nice scores came in, but the winner didn’t wait for his picture.  Rod Ishii came in with 42 points to lead the field home.  Richard Hall with 35 tied with Sus Ige at 35 but Richard took Sus on the count-back for second.

Wednesday’s runners up: Sus Ige (left) and Richard Hall. Wednesday’s runners up: Sus Ige (left) and Richard Hall.

One regular high scorer allegedly did so poorly that he refused to turn in his card.  I would not mention his name but his initials are Larry Emerson!

Herbie Ishinaga continues convalescing with his knee transplant but should join us soon, at least for the snacks.  Sus continued as our sous-chef today providing regular and cheese hot dogs plus snacks.