Irish eyes smile at Phoenix


The Billabong Bar Golf Society

Monday, Jan. 30, Phoenix – Stableford

We started a little early today as in 8.40 tee-off, but we got out ahead of the madding crowd and were rewarded with a 4-hour round.  The course was in great condition with fast greens and good lies on the fairways, but the rough was brutal and finding your ball in it took an effort.

It was an Irish day today with good friends Pat Kavanagh and JJ Harney fighting it out for first place, both with 40 points, but Pat got it round the wrong way round with only 19 on the back nine to JJs 21.  Lloyd Shuttleworth took third with 39 points, shooting 35 off the stick on his back-nine holes.

There was a Aussie v Kiwi challenge today between Cottee and John Player against Capt Bob and Lloyd, with the Kiwis down rallying to take the match to retain bragging rights until the next time.

There four ‘2’s today, coming from Lloyd, Cottee, Capt Bob and Peter Bird.

George Barrie with Selwyn Wegner and William Macey.
George Barrie with Selwyn Wegner and William Macey.

Wednesday, Feb. 1, Green Valley – Stableford

Rumours abound around the Green Valley/St. Andrews complex and, of course, these change from week to week dependent on who you talk to.  The most recent is that Green Valley will not close the course but will attend to one hole at a time, which should be interesting.

There is quite a lot of cosmetic activity at the moment with many areas marked as G.U.R., but I would suggest this effort is specifically being carried out to impress those playing in the big tournament they have in April.

We couldn’t ask for better weather than we are having at the moment, the course is improving and the greens are in good shape, but these conditions did not really encourage too many good scores today for only three were able to play to their handicap with many deterred, perhaps, by the persistent wind.

Miss Nu was one of those three, winning for the second week running with 23 points on the front nine and 39 overall, leaving Miss Som in her wake by three points for second place, the latter apparently having some secret ‘pick-me-up’, for despite two blobbed holes and only 12 points on the front half she followed with 24 on the back-nine.  Her remedy is available to the highest bidder.  Miss Sa finished third with 35 points.  Back at the Billabong, the ladies were in good voice, particularly Miss Tan, not because she was on the podium, but to celebrate her birthday.

Bob’s calculator was called into service to decide fourth place for the men for there were 5 golfers on 33 points.  Fourth eventually went to Tom Parker, just behind George Barrie for whom it was either a famine or a feast with 4 blobs and 6 pars amongst a host of 1 and 2-pointers.  William Macey had a steady 35 points for second, just 1 point behind Selwyn Wegner in top spot, the only male golfer to play to his handicap.

Only one ‘2’ recorded today, which went to Gerard Lambert.

Ladies winners: Sa, Tan, Nu and Som.
Ladies winners: Sa, Tan, Nu and Som.

Friday, Feb. 3, Treasure Hill – Stableford

After a leisurely breakfast we set off up the 331 for Treasure Hill, a great value course and naturally it was very busy but the management got it right, with no hold-ups, and we were finished in just under 4 hours.

The course is in fantastic condition with greens that are par with any course in this area.  The only bug bear is the drive through Amarta City industrial estate and the heavy traffic there.

The scoring wasn’t as good as it should have been today but it is a tough course and that was a contributing factor.  There was another challenge from the French quarter to take the Kiwis down but alas it wasn’t to happen and the men from New Zealand still hold the trophy.

There were no ‘2’s recorded and the prizes went down to third place, which went to Ramsay Smith with 31 points.  In second place was Thiery Petrement with 32 points, and taking line honours twas Capt Bob with 34.