Irish eyes are smiling

Larry Slattery (center) with Wayne Peppernell (left) and Simon Watts.
Larry Slattery (center) with Wayne Peppernell (left) and Simon Watts.

PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, Jan. 21, Royal Lakeside – Stableford

A Flight (0-18)

1st Dave Edwards (13) 40pts

2nd Garry Bright (11) 40pts

3rd Paul Smith (3) 39pts

4th Jon Batty (7) 37pts

5th Tony Browne (18) 37pts

B Flight (19+)

1st Larry Slattery (19) 40pts

2nd Phil Burton (20) 35pts

3rd Derek Phillips (19) 35pts

4th Tip Briney (27) 35pts

5th Jim Ferris (20) 34pts

Another week dawned with another field of forty golfers as the society visited Royal Lakeside to play a stableford competition on a course in excellent condition. The field was divided into two flights cut at eighteen and under and play got underway on a full course.

In the top flight scores were excellent with Tony Browne holding fifth place with 37 points, losing fourth on countback to Jon Batty, making a welcome return. Low marker Paul Smith recorded a level par round “off the sticks”, giving him 39 points for third, leaving Garry Bright and Dave Edwards to contest the win with forty points and a countback. Dave was successful and won the flight.

In the second division Jim Ferris managed to get the wheels back on his wagon after a few rounds of stuttering progress, emerging with 34 points in fifth place. One point better was Links regular Tip Briney, another golfer who found some form again today. Tip was involved in a three-way countback for second on 35 points but was more than content with fourth behind Derek Phillips in third and Phil Burton in second. The flight winner was Irish golfer Larry Slattery whose forty points took the flight by a comfortable margin and he also won the countback for the green jacket. For an Irishman there is nothing more satisfying than “the wearing of the green”.

Near pins went to Andy Kelleher (3), Kenny Jepson (6) Sharon Burton (12) Petur Petersson (15).

Wednesday, Jan. 23, Plutaluang – Stableford

A Flight (0-18)

1st Tom Herrington (15) 39pts

2nd Steve Doris (14) 35pts

3rd Maurice Roberts (12) 34pts

B Flight (19+)

1st Mike Tottenham (20) 36pts

2nd John Chelo (19) 33pts

3rd Iain Jones (22) 33pts

The weather was warm, and the East and South courses were in very good condition, all ready for our 27 golfers to take them on. Somewhat surprisingly, even though there has been no rain around, there was little run on the fairways, maybe the sprinklers again.

If you can putt well you are likely to wear the Green Jacket, as Tom Herrington did today. He very comfortably won “A” flight (0-18) with a great 39 points, well clear of Steve Doris on 35 and Maurice Roberts with a nice 34.

Mike Tottenham also had a clear win to take out “B” flight (19+) with 36 points, three ahead of John Chelo and Iain Jones who both scored 33. John’s better back nine got him second place.

Near pins went to David Decaminda, Tip Briney, Paul Gill, Phil Davies

Friday, Jan. 25, Pattavia – Stableford

A Flight (0-14)

1st Maurice Roberts (12) 36pts

2nd Rana Gurnam (13) 36pts

3rd Oscar Gabella (5) 33pts

4th Andy Kelleher (9) 30pts

B Flight (15-21)

1st Jeff Carew (15) 38pts

2nd John Hughes (21) 35pts

3rd Larry Slattery (18) 34pts

4th Phil Burton (20) 33pts

C Flight (22+)

1st Kenny Jepson (26) 34pts

2nd Greg Thompson (22) 32pts

3rd Gordon Loviolette (24) 31pts

4th Tip Briney (27) 26pts

Our eleven groups started pretty much on time and, as you might expect with a large number, the pace of play was a little slower, but our group, number six, finished the round in about four and a half hours, not too bad.

Three flights today at 0-14, 15-21, 22 plus and a long putt prize in addition to the normal near pins. No huge scores with only three players able to play to handicap or better.

“A” flight saw a countback for first with still in-form Maurice Roberts holding off Rana Gurnam at the 36 points mark. In third came Oscar Gabella with 33 points ahead of Andy Kelleher on 30.

Jeff Carew produced the best score of the day with 38 points to easily take first spot in “B” flight. John Hughes was in the placings again on 35 points ahead of Larry Slattery on 34, while Phil Burton won a countback for fourth position on 33.

Only 34 points but it was good enough to give Kenny Jepson another win in the “C” flight. Greg Thompson had 32 points just ahead of Gordon Loviolette on 31. Tip Briney won a countback for fourth with 26 points.

Near pins were claimed by Masa Takano, Paul Smith, Michael Blumhagen, Simon Eely.