In-form Brooks takes the tankard


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, June 23, Pattana B & C – Stableford

It is always a pleasure to play Pattana, this is a bit of luxury with what is arguably the best clubhouse of any course on The Eastern Seaboard.  On this morning we set off with a smile on our faces knowing we were going to have a good day out.

Once checked-in, we were told we could tee-off on the B1 as soon as we were ready.  Those who know this hole will be aware it does not present an easy start, with a shot down the middle being the only way to keep your ball dry.

Maurice Roberts (right) and Nigel Perry (left) with one of B.J.’s helpers.

With the course having had a downpour the night before there were no carts allowed on the fairways so we tried to hit the ball near the cart paths.  The layout was not bad despite being wet, although a lot of balls plugged on the fairways and the rough was as you would expect.  The greens though were fine.  I say that on the basis that with the course being wet you would have expected the greens to be really slow, but in fact it just made them playable.  So all in all we had a really good day out and the occasional sprinkle of rain only served to cool us down.

Round over and back at BJ’s we got on with the results.  The winner on the day was the new PSC Golf Chairman, Maurice Roberts, with a fine 39 points.  In second was Nigel Perry with 38 points and in third came Landis Brooks with 36, one up on Bob Watson in fourth.  We then had a count back on 34 points that saw Mick Coghlan in fifth and AVD just missing out.

Near Pins: Maurice Roberts (2), Landis Brooks, Mark West.

Friday, June 26, Pattaya C.C. – Monthly Mug/Stroke

T’was the last Friday of the month and from all over Pattaya golfers woke up to see if this was their day to win the Tropical Golf coveted Monthly Mug.  Some say they would rather win that than the US Open trophy.  At least it’s more attainable.

Landis Brooks (left) receives the Monthly Mug from runner-up Tom Herrington.

The monthly stroke-play competition meant we were playing at Pattaya Country Club.  Does any course change conditions so much in such little time?  All during breakfast and the drive over people watched it rain, yet by the first tee it magically stopped.  Fairways were in fair condition, greens quite good.  PCC is usually a hard course, not in the sense of difficulty but firmness of the ground.  However the rain made the course quite playable and the greens receptive to approach shots.  As we shall see some golfers – and one in particular – took full advantage.  So who won this month?

Landis Brooks (h/cap 9) gave a clinic in perfect play by shooting a net 67.  Finishing the last two holes birdie-birdie sealed his, and the rest of the players fate.  Landis played without a 7-iron in his bag as he said, “There are no 7-iron shots at Pattaya Country Club.”

First runner-up went to Tom Herrington (14) with a respectable net 70, just beating Takashi Hazoaki (13) on a close count-back.  Rounding out the podium was Daryl Evans (21) with a net 71.  Good scores all.

Near Pins: Takashi Hakozaki (2), Landis Brooks, Steve Truelove.