If it’s not broken, don’t fix it


The Backyard Golf Society

It was a baffling day for the Backyard golfers at Emerald last Friday, May 22.  On the previous outing we had all remarked how well the course was looking and in particular the greens, but when we stood on the first tee last week we had no idea what we would see during the round.  For some reason the course management had decided to spray large areas of perfectly good fairways, seemingly to the extent of killing off the grass?  The greens that had been so good had become very bare, spongy and uneven.  It seems a very strange thing to do and has turned Emerald into a pretty undesirable course to play at the moment.

That said, the winner of the stableford event had 40 points, well done ‘The Impregnator’.  Near-pin went to ‘The Biss’ while the skins were divided up as follows: 8 to ‘The Impregnator’, 6 to ‘Irish John’, 3 to ‘The Victorian Benson’ and the final hole rolled over to the next game.