Hot, steamy golf at Phoenix Gold Golf Pattaya

Bob Philp’s 43 points earned him a spot atop the Billabong leaderboard.

Pattaya Sports Club golf from Billabong
Monday, 17th May
Phoenix Gold Golf & Country Club

Phoenix on a hot, steamy day – with only two groups playing and nobody else around we got away a little early hoping to beat the rain and we just managed to do that. Just as we finished, down came the rain for about 45 minutes to make things a bit hotter for anybody else on the course.

The course was in its usual fantastic condition all around.

Timothy had no mates and had to play all by himself off the white tees whilst his playing partners were off the silvers. He must have felt a bit lonely there.

The scoring was extraordinary good with only 2 golfers scoring under 30 points. Here’s how the scoring went 36, 37, 39 and 43. As only two places were paid, Tim Knight took second spot with his 39 points and Captain Cripple took first with 43.

The special promotion at Phoenix until the end of May is great value for a course as good as this.