Henry Carn’t do no Wong


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday, July 31, Green Valley

A Flight

1st Mark Wood (11) 39 pts

2nd Barry Copestake (15) 39 pts

3rd Eddy Beilby (15) 39 pts

B Flight

1st Mike Craighead (19) 38 pts

2nd Brian Wilkinson (16) 35 pts

3rd John Dearden 9200 33 pts

Near pins: No. 4 Peter Henshaw, No. 9 Jez Lees, No. 12 Mark Wood, No. 16 Bill Brochart.

It seemed a quiet week, although the society turned out in its usual solid numbers. Perhaps it was just quiet because one ball was on assignment to Scotland reporting on the four day Strathlene Open.

It took the empanelment of the title slot committee, but when the dust had settled it was deemed the performance of the week was Mark Wood’s three way count back victory in the premier Flight, deserving the klieg lights. (Although this is not always guaranteed.)

Barry, Colin and Eddy, Sunday’s runners up. Barry, Colin and Eddy, Sunday’s runners up.

Looking up the premier Flight awards podium at Mark was Barry ‘the Boot’ Copestake and Eddy ‘the Eagle’, the later left satang less.

Skipping down to the junior Flight saw Mike ‘the mechanic’ Craighead card a very impressive 38 points for the Flight top spot. Brian Wilkinson was speechless when he found that his 35 points was good only for the silver. If you believe that you will believe anything. There is inadequate space here to pass on his shot for shot description of the round and you should feel blessed that such is the case.

Mark Wood, Yui Bietry and Bill Brochard shared the 2’s pot.

Tuesday, August 2, Eastern Star

A Flight

1st Gerry Power (18) 41 pts

2nd Henry Wrong (24) 37 pts

3rd Eddy Delaney (25) 35 pts

Jerry ‘the Irish Rover’ Power’s score card looked as though he had played another and nearer set of tees, like the reds from the balance of the field, as he was one of only two players to better par on the day. He did so by five points! The only other player to achieve this fete was Henry Wong with a solid 37 points. Eddy Delaney rounded out the Flight a further two shots back.

No 2’s were recorded and will rollover on Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 3, St Andrews

A Flight

1st Henry Wong (24) 37 pts

2nd Greg Bates (12) 37 pts

3rd Colin Davis (14) 35 pts

The week was going to form and the title chosen for this week was doing swimmingly, until someone had to throw a spanner into it, and who better than Henry Wong, and his eternal 24 handicap. (Sorry Mark) Henry had to ride his luck, however, in the following count back that left society regular Greg Bates holding the silver. The Donkey, never far from the pay window, filled the Flight and took home a remarkable rollover 2s pot.

Colin’s tee shot on the par three 17th hole hit the bank on the side of the green, hit a rock on the other side, and came to rest 12 inches from the hole! Say no more.

Friday, August 5, Emerald

A Flight

1st Mike Jeffreys (16) 34 pts

2nd Colin Davis (14) 31 pts

The week concluded with a trip to the favorite of all, the Emerald. Mike ‘The Welsh Wizard’ needed no tricks as his 34 points top scored on the day. Colin ‘The Donkey’ Davis, much to the dismay of all, put a count back schooling over Gerry ‘The Irish Rover’ Power.

No 2’s were recorded so a rollover on Sunday.

Note: Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street. Any one wishing to play with us just pop in, and add your name to the list. Otherwise, give Colin a ring on 089 826 0764. Transport is provided.