Helene posts fantastic 46 points

C flight winner Helene Lindberg with Larry Slattery.
C flight winner Helene Lindberg with Larry Slattery.

PSC Pattaya Links Golf Society

Wed. Dec. 11 Pattana C+A Stableford

It was our last hurrah before the high season prices kick in at Pattana. We have had a good run at the special ‘after 12’ price, and our forty seven players made sure to get their fill.

The place was very busy as at least another three golf societies and resort guests took to the course, all at about the same time, utilizing the three nines.

The past couple of weeks of cool, strong breezes were missing as we teed off about 15 minutes before our booked time. It was hot, but by the time some of our groups got into the second nine that breeze was back, thankfully.

Three flights today and double the near pins.

The ‘A’ flight had the really low handicappers up front, where Paul Smith took the honours with a great 38 points. Richard Fearby grabbed second spot with an equally good 37 points from his scratch handicap and then Billy Buchanan slipped into third, on countback, with 35 points.

George Mueller continued his form from Monday with another fine effort in winning the ‘B’ flight with 41 points. Stuart Kidd is often around the podium area and his 39 points got him second place this time. Willy Brown, playing his first game this trip, did a great job to score 38 points to hold third spot on countback.

Then came the piece de resistance.

After a rather dismal performance in her first game back, Helene Lindberg scattered the field with a scintillating 46 points to receive rousing applause, a win in ‘C’ flight and wear the Green Jacket.

Nigel Harrison continued his good form and would have thought 40 points would get him a win, no, but a very good game. Larry Slattery had an adventure before he got to the course but composed himself to score 38 points for third place.

With the big field we added some extra “near pins” again

Near pins A flight: George Mueller (C2), Olivia Tahon (C7), Billy Buchanan (A3), Peter Lacey (A8). B flight: Dave Clewley (C2), Helene Lindberg (C7+ A3), John Hughes (A8).

A Flight (0-14)

1st Place – Paul Smith (4) – 38 pts

2nd Place – Richard Fearby (0) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Billy Buchanan (12) – 35 pts c/back

B Flight (15-18)

1st Place – George Mueller (15) – 41 pts

2nd Place – Stuart Kidd (18) – 39 pts

3rd Place – Will Brown (15) – 38 pts c/back

C Flight (19+)

1st Place – Helene Lindberg (22) – 46 pts

2nd Place – Nigel Harrison (23) – 40 pts

3rd Place – Larry Slattery (20) – 38 pts

Best Front Nine (non-winners) – Derek Phillips – 24 pts

Best Back Nine (non-winners) – Bill Copeland – 21 pts.

It must be a scary thing, as once again the would-be recipient of the “wig” did a Houdini and disappeared before presentations.

The fourth bus was later than the others, so when Jim Ferris and Larry Slattery arrived the bus did too. Then Larry discovered he had left his bag of clothes for after the game at home on the Darkside and decided to go to get them. Consequently, the last bus was very late leaving Links. These two were to be second group so Phil made some hasty re-arrangements at the first tee. A thoroughly deserved “silly hat’ for Larry.

It has been great at the special rate and we really hope Pattana management will do the same after the ‘silly’, oops, high season is over. A great turn-out from our golfers and, once again, everyone played their part in getting to the tee on time, an organisers dream.