Grimoldby a class apart at Pleasant Valley


PSC golf from the Fairway Golf Society

Monday, Feb. 28, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

A very pleasant time was had by everybody today, playing off of the blue tees with 20 golfers so just one division.

Except for the runaway winner Martin Grimoldby, with 42 points off a 6 handicap, it was very tight for the rest of the places as Joop Medez and Jason Cole lost out for fourth place to Brian Neal on a 24-16 & 24-17 count-back, all with 36 points.  Second place was also won on count-back with Brian Libby losing out 18-16 to Curt Sliven, both on 37 points.

Congratulations to Martin for a fantastic level par round and also to (Jekyl & Hyde) Brian Neals for his magnificent 24 points on the back nine.  What went wrong on the front nine Brian?

Friday’s winner Alan Pilkington. Friday’s winner Alan Pilkington.

Near pins went to Martin Grimoldby, Ning Neal, Ken Priddy and Jason Cole.

1st Martin Grimoldby (6) 42pts

2nd Curt Sliven (21) 37pts

3rd Brian Libby (9) 37pts

4th Brian Neal (16) 36pts

Wednesday, March 2, Greenwood – Stableford

Another good day was had at Greenwood except for a 35mins delay due to yet another tropical storm which stopped play (what’s happening to the weather here?)

Most golfers finished the round but a few called it a day and returned to the club house early.  Some of the guys that quit early were new to Thailand and could not believe that the course would be playable after such a downpour.  But as we expats know, the courses here dry out amazingly quickly so we were patient and went on to finish the round.

One division today with 26 players and only two of them managing to break par: Joop Medze going up in handicap to 18 scored 38 points while the ever-improving Harvey Samuels, coming down to 16, still managed to score 37 points.  Keep it going Harvey!

Near Pins went to Ning Neal (2), Nicky Clow and Scott Dobbin.

1st Joop Medze (18) 38pts

2nd Harvey Samuels (16) 37pts

3rd Billy Vickers (14) 33pts

4th Tony Duthie (20) 32pts

Friday, March 4, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Buddha was with us today because when we left the Fairways it was pouring with rain and it continued all the way to the course.  We decided not to pay a green fee just have a cup of coffee and return home.  Miraculously, within 10 minutes, the rain stopped so we decided to take a chance and play.  This was a very good decision as we never had another drop of rain and the course dried out really quickly.

Only one player, Alan Pilkington, managed to break par today, although another golfer, namely Nicky Clow, managed to break his 3-wood in half after wrapping it around a tree on the 11th hole.  Plenty of comments about this the most obvious being he should have used a tree iron.  It just wasn’t Nick’s day as he also lost out on count-back for third place.

Twenty plus players today so we had 1 division and the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ Patrick Engles was in the frame yet again with a 1 over par round.  The near pins meanwhile went to Terry Droy, Alan Pilkington, Tony Duthie and Jesse Alpen.

1st Alan Pilkington (9) 39pts

2nd Patrick Engles (17) 35pts

3rd Steve Durey (20) 33pts

4th Nicky Clow (27) 33pts

Note:  The Fairways is situated at the top of Pattaya Klang on the Sukhumvit Road and the group plays every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Anyone wishing to play with our society can call in and put their name down on the lists provided or call Scott on 084 389 2327.  Transport & breakfast provided if required.