Griffiths and Berger take pairs title


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, January 23, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Our first game here for a few months and the majority after the round were impressed with the condition so we will be returning here in the next six weeks or so.

There were twelve groups out in three divisions for the men with a split of 6-15, 16-20 and 21 plus in division 3 plus the ladies of course.

On the podium at Pattaya C.C. - Jack Watkins, Harry Vincenzi and Keith Hector. On the podium at Pattaya C.C. – Jack Watkins, Harry Vincenzi and Keith Hector.

It was the A and B courses today and the highest return was in division 2 with Erkki Pohja winning with 43 points.  Neil Gamble came in second on 39 and Don Head took third with 36.

We had the French, the London boy and the Canadian topping division 3; Yves Bosset with 39 points, Rodney Howett one point behind and ‘Zorro’ third with 37.

In division 1 Alan Pilkington beat his arch rival Pete Sumner on a 20/18 back nine count back after they both returned scores of 36, and Raivo Velsberg was third with 34 points.

Mrs Swiss, alias Verana Suhr claimed the ladies division with a meagre 26 points – she was happy!

Near pins went to Pete Sumner, Erkki Pohja, Don Head, Bryan Rought, John Smith, Neil Gamble, Barry Stirling and Fred Duffy.

Fred Duffy also scooped the ‘2’s pot in division 2 with a birdie on B6, while Don Head, Olaf, Barry Stirling and Chris Voller shared the spoils in division 1.

Wednesday, January 25, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

It was very busy at the first tee and our start was delayed by 10 minutes.  There were only three divisions out today for the men and a slightly different cut in the cards at 6-16, 17-22 and 23+.

Bryan Priestley beat Fred Duffy on a 19/17 back-nine count back after they both returned scores of 39 to win division 2 while Johnny Larsson took third with 35.

Jack Watkins won division 1 with 38 points, Harry Vincenzi was second on 36 and it was welcome back to Keith Hector who came in third with 32 after beating Barry Stirling on a 17/16 back-nine count back.

Magne Gunnarson topped division 3 with 37 points, Tony Holehouse was second with 35 and David Phillips took third with 31.

Near pins were won by Harry Vincenzi, Jack Watkins (2), Paul Chabot and Erkki Pohja (2).  There were no ‘2’s in either division.

Friday, February 27, Eastern Star – 2-person scramble

The Eastern Star rollover kitty extravaganza with 64 players out today, 7 ladies and 57 men in a two-person scramble with one person in division 1, 1-16 and one in division 2, 17 plus.  There were individual prizes to be won as well.

The course was in great condition and with no cancellations overnight all 16 groups teed off on time.  We changed the format today for the teams to a 30% combined handicap for the strokes received for each pairing.  There was a ladies division and three mens divisions for the nearest the pin prizes, irrespective if you chose to play this person’s ball.

Near pins went to Pranee Bosset, Noi Emmerson, Josie Monks, Al Griffiths, Jan Sordal (2), John Smith, Andy Baber, Jim Connelly, Jerry Mcarthy, Cully Monks, Fred Duffy (2) and Chris Reed.

There were six team ‘2’s today for Jerry MaCarthy and Andy Galvin (3rd), Al Griffiths and Roar Berger (3rd), Darryl and Toi Blair (13th), Neville Scurell and Bryan Rought (17th), Barry Traynor and Tony Barritt (17th), and Heiki Alanko and Erkki Pohja (17th).

Paul Butler and Glyn Evans claimed the nearest the pin in three shots prize on the 4th while the straightest drive awards went to Josie Monks, Wilf Latham, Jerry McArthy and Eugine Maguire.

Nearest the pin in three shots on the 11th went to Olani Rissanen and Chris Reed and the nearest the pin in two shots on the 12th to Jim Connelly and Fred Duffy.  There were a few cheers back at the presentation for Olani and Chris Reed for their nearest the pin prize as Chris scuppered his shot from 145 yards out to land a few feet from the pin.

The longest drives on the 18th went to Pranee Bosset, Ron Miller, William Chang and Paul Chabot.

There were six prize places in the team stableford competition today and before the start with this format nobody could predict the winning score.  There were three 44’s and with a back nine count back of 23/23, a back six of 16/16, a back three of 7/7, and finally a back two count back of 4/3, Al Griffiths and Roar Berger beat Ron Miller and John Williams.  In third place with 22 on the back nine were Howard and Jill Stanley.

Darryl and Toi Blair came in with 42 in fourth place, beating Pete Sumner and Harry Cowling on a 24/22 back nine count back and in sixth place were Wilf Latham and Anothai van Zeeland with 41.

Everyone appeared to enjoy the format and there were no moans regarding the tee off times for 16 groups.