Grey skies and rain no deterrent for Bunker Boys golf in Pattaya

Dave Ashman winner at Pattavia.
Dave Ashman winner at Pattavia.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf

Monday, June 22nd Crystal Bay C & A

1st Geoff Cox (15) 38 points

2nd Tony Robbins (23) 35 points

3rd Geoff Parker (17) 33 points

Near pins Tony Robbins, Michael Brett, & Geoff Cox X 2.

Another grey overcast day for our game at Crystal Bay. Rain clouds encircled the course all day, thunder rumbled continuously in the distance, and lightning strikes were a regular occurrence. However, the rain managed to stay away until we had finished the round.

The course was in very poor condition, the tee boxes were like a cow stand, all uneven and full of divots. Bunkers had very little compacted sand, full of holes where dogs had been digging, and lots of weeds and grass. The greens could have been good had they been mowed, as it was they were dreadfully slow. If one could say something positive it would be that the caddies were excellent, very good fun and good at their job.

Geoff Cox had his best round for quite some time playing very solid golf to take first place with thirty-eight points, he did have that essential necessary element to his game, i.e., a good slice of luck to help. On one par five, he put his second in the water, had to thread his next shot through several trees, only to hit the last one and bounce into the middle of the fairway, his fifth came up short of the green but he somehow managed to sink the put from off the green for a bogey.

Geoff Cox winner at Crystal Bay.
Geoff Cox winner at Crystal Bay.

Tony Robbins was cruising on the front nine with twenty-two points only to fall away on the back and Geoff Parker took third with thirty-three. Near pins to Tony Robbins, Michael Brett, and two to Geoff Cox.

Wednesday, June 24th Emerald

1st Jimmy Carr (16) 36 points

2nd Tony Robbins (23) 33 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 31 points

Near pins Geoff Parker.

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After several days of rainy overcast conditions, Wednesday was perfect for golf; bright and sunny with a nice breeze blowing. The Emerald course continues to improve with every visit, the tee boxes were nice and even, the fairways were the best we have ever seen them, but unfortunately, the greens were a bit of a shambles. Most have been lost to a black fungus with bare and brown or sandy patches all over. To be fair, the course management team is making a big effort to rehabilitate them so hopefully, before too long they will be back in good order again.

A special all-in price of just over one thousand baht was excellent value and when the greens recover this course will become very popular. Also on the new M7 motorway extension, the trip to the course is down to just twenty minutes much like the trip to Eastern Star.

The combination of everyone in carts and an empty course meant we had one of the quickest rounds ever. Jimmy Carr announced his intentions early with easy pars on the first two holes. He went on to amass the top score of the day with thirty-six points.

At one stage it looked like Geoff Parker was going to be the man, only to fade away. Tony Robbins took second with thirty-three and Michael Brett took third with thirty-one, beating Steve Durey on countback.

There were several near misses on the par threes but only one stuck and was taken by Geoff Parker.

It now looks like our away trip to Khao Yai will take place in the third week of July with games at Sir James, Khao Yai Country Club, Mountain Creek, and Bonanza. Once confirmed and accommodation booked we will provide final details.

Friday, June 26th Pattavia

1st Dave Ashman (23) 40 points

2nd Geoff Cox (15) 35 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 32 points

Near pins Michael Brett, & Geoff Cox X 2.


After a bright sunny day on Wednesday, it was back to grey skies and rain again Friday, not heavy enough to stop play, just enough to warrant the use of umbrellas. Despite the weather, the course was busy with a number of large groups out so a slow round for everyone.

Multiple trips to the driving range paid off for Dave Ashman with an excellent score of forty-points. No doubt a serious touch up from the handicapper is in store. It seems like Dave couldn’t miss with the putter knocking them in from everywhere although it is doubtful if that was what he was practicing at the range.

Another very solid round from Geoff Cox saw him take second place with thirty-five points, his second good score of the week. Michael Brett took third with a lowly thirty-two.

Geoff Cox took two near pins again for the second time this week with Michael Brett squeezing in on the last to take another with one remaining unclaimed. More joy for the delinquent fund which has built up nicely recently.

A real sprint to the finish line is in store next Monday in the race for golfer of the month with one point separating the top four of Jimmy Carr, Steve Durey, Geoff Cox, and Michael Brett, with another couple close enough to mount a challenge. Who will it be?