Granted, Cadell has the round of his life


PSC golf from The Golf Club Sports Bar

Monday, August 22, Green Valley – Stableford

1st- Grant Cadell (16) 44pts

2nd- Dale Shier (13) 40pts

3rd- Peter Hind (19) 39pts

It was a busy week at the Club with 4 days of glorious golf so let’s get right to it.

Shooting 40 Stableford points is great golf and would usually win on any given day.  Imagine the mental turmoil, the gut-wrenching disappointment and utter frustration Dale Shier went through when he discovered Grant Cadell came in with 44 points!  Timing is everything and Shier (I before e except after c) should have saved his 40 for another day.

Grant is quite possibly the nicest guy in Pattaya, so we were all actually quite happy to witness his amazing day at Green Valley.  Peter Hind came in 3rd with a highly respectable 39, but the golf is getting good out there once again.  Well played lads!

Tuesday, August 23, Siam Old Course – Stableford

1st Ian Rippey (10) 39pts

2nd Walter Baichle (17) 35pts

3rd Paul McNally (4) 32pts

If you look at the bottom right corner of the PSC website homepage, you will see a poll for the favourite golf course in Pattaya that you can vote on.  There have been over 1,200 votes so far and not surprisingly the Schmidt-Curley redesigned Siam Old Course is on top.  We took advantage of the Tuesday Sports Day rate of 2,250 all in and 4 groups teed off the white tees on the day.

Grant Cadell.Grant Cadell.

The talented Mr. Rippey does it again!  The Ripster took full advantage of his local knowledge as a member and blasted away the rest of the field with a 39 on this difficult course.  Well played Ian, nice to have the putter working, isn’t it?

Walter Baichle was in fine form as he was last week and beat many of the members who joined in with his handy 35.  Paul “Spike” McNally also got the members’ bounce with 32 points on the card to place third.

Siam is a class act and you should spoil yourself once or twice a year and play this gem of a course and see for yourself why it got so many of the votes!

Wednesday, August 24, Bangpra – Monthly Medal

1st Alex Tregurtha (17) net 71

2nd Henry O’Brian (19) net 73

3rd Larry Maxey (19) net 76

Off to the monkey course once again for the August Monthly Medal sponsored by Pattaya Pizza.  This is now one of the best courses Pattaya has to offer and is a must play for the golfing visitor on his tour.  Bangpra is probably as well known for the splendid Japanese toilets as her lightning fast greens.

Ian Rippey & wife Mam.Ian Rippey & wife Mam.

The Bob (of the Seamless variety) admitted to having  four “3-putt” and two “4-putt” greens on the day to make sure he would not be taking the Antigua shirt home on this trip.  Not only are the greens super quick, but they are a tricky read as well.

Alex Tregurtha had no problem reading those greens (or he should have gotten that caddy number for next time!) and blew away the field with his fine 71 before leaving for the airport.  See you next time mate, we owe you a Monthly Medal winner shirt!  By the way, we have a new batch of our semi-famous Antigua super cool and dry golf shirts in sky blue, orchid, red and lots of new colours and now all sizes, so come by the club and check it out.

Just missing out was Scotsman Henry O with a sobering 73 and another guy heading back to work, Larry Maxey with a net 76 to capture 3rd place.  Next month we will play the Monthly Medal at Mountain Shadow.

Friday, August 26, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Steve Ellison (17) 38pts

2nd Wayne Lee (13) 36pts

3rd Brad Gearic (13) 29pts

We have been sooo lucky dodging the rain for the past few weeks it is amazing.  Just a short burst for 2 minutes on the third hole was all that came down for the day.  We did not bother with ‘lift, clean and place’ and it turned out to be the correct decision.

We were also lucky to draw the C and B courses on the day.  It has been years since I have played C and it was magnificent.  Steve Ellison and Wayne Lee finished that 9 all even at 21 points, so it was off to B to close the deal.

For once, the putter was fully charged and working fine for this scribe who ended up with 38 points –  the best play in ages!  Greenwood was in excellent shape, super lush and maybe the best greens in Pattaya, but then I would think that, wouldn’t I?  As it turned out, the physical advantage of having a cart for the muggy day made the difference but it still came down to the last couple of holes.

Wayne Lee played great golf all day and had some booming drives that were 50 yards ahead of us to finish up with 36 points.  Brad “the pilot” Gearic found his 29 points were just enough for his 3rd place finish.  All in all a great day of golf with some great guys.  That’s what it’s all about.

Thanks to all for participating in this week’s fixtures, and don’t forget to check us out on  facebook /golfclubpattaya for updates and the September golf schedule..

Note:  The Golf Club is located on Soi LK Metro, off Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana junction. We can be reached on 085 434 3377 or [email protected] and our is