Golfers triumph amid challenges on Soi Dao greens

Golfers mingle post-game at Soi Dao, engrossed in scorecards and discussing the day’s play.

Soi Dao Golf Course – October 24-25

In a nostalgic return to Soi Dao after pre-covid years, the Mabprachan Golf Society embarked on a golfing odyssey. Tuesday dawned early as the eager golfers headed towards Chanthaburi. Upon arrival and room arrangements, the first round of golf awaited, but a disappointment struck as the front nine holes were closed due to unforeseen circumstances. Undeterred, they played the back nine twice, turning the day into a unique challenge.

The 2-ball better ball format, combining high/low handicaps, added spice to the competition despite the course’s less-than-ideal condition post a rainy night. Two challenging par-3 holes tested the mettle of the golfers, with only Sam Jeffery conquering the last one. Team competition intensified, with each team scoring 30 stableford points. Ultimately, Stephen Ford and Willem Lasonder clinched victory with 39 stableford points, closely followed by Sam Jeffery and Sam Gettinby with 38. Post-golf camaraderie unfolded on the terrace, with the picturesque setting complemented by the rich variety of food and drinks at Soi Dao’s restaurant.

Wednesday brought the promise of individual stableford play on the full 18 holes, and despite an extra handicap due to recent green maintenance, the golfers revelled in the more captivating front nine. Bob Edwards emerged as the day’s champion with 37 stableford points, with John Feeney securing the runner-up spot with 36 points. The challenging par-3 holes continued to pose difficulty for most, with only Sam Jeffery and Steve Carroll conquering them.

Golfers savouring swings against the backdrop of scenic beauty at Soi Dao Golf Course in Chanthaburi.

Results of the Two-Day Golf Excursion:
October 24 – 2 Ball Better Ball
Stephen Ford (13) & Willem Lasonder (36) – 39 points
Sam Jeffery (15) & Sam Gettinby (36) – 38 points
Near Pin: Sam Jeffery
October 25 – Individual Stableford
Bob Edwards (11) – 37 points
John Feeney (23) – 36 points
Near Pins: Sam Jeffery and Steve Carroll

Mischievous monkeys, scattered on fairways and lurking in the woods, pose playful threats, ready to snatch both food and golf balls.