Go on the Irish


The Backyard Golf Society

Another very hot day greeted the Backyard boys at Emerald on Friday, May 3.  The recent hot and humid weather is not in any way conducive to good golf, with players looking to get the game over without expiring and get back in for cool refreshments. 

Anyway, the players braved the conditions and the winner today was Irish John with 37 points.  Near-pin was also won by the Irish man as was last week’s roll-over.

Skins were well doled out with 5 to Don the Divorcer, 4 to Irish John, 3 to Golden Trowel’s boyfriend and The Quiet Man (he also won the 2 roll-overs with a win on hole #1), 2 to Michelle Chatt and 1 rolled over to the next game.

We said goodbye to Second Hand Bob this week so Dan the Diet Whiskey Man will need to find a new drinking buddy for midweek sessions in B.C.  The Mummy has been tied up all week with the bent copper society from England but should be back next week.  We welcomed back JJ who has lost 2 stone recently.

If nothing else the players have all acquired a classic white-sock golfers tan of late so there is something to celebrate in the hot weather.